Your daily [mini]dose of excitement!

It was a loverly afternoon and the drive home was smooooooth as silk. I didn’t have to wait more than *one* cycle at *any* intersection, not even the infamous Ellsworth / State or Jackson / N. Maple. The roads were dry, the sun was setting, and I didn’t have any tailgaters. To add a bit of icing to the cake, as I was leaving work, some young Whippersnapper actually *complimented* me on my vee-hickle, which was the Ninja today, which is indeed a fine vee-hickle, except when there’s over a few inches of snow. Anyway, I was on a cloud all the way home, shifting up and down through all the gears with aplomb. And yeah, I know, git over yerself, y’all are saying.

I rolled up the street to the Landfill, parked, and started schlepping stuff inside. Everything was normal. It’s Thursday and that means it’s time to get the garbage and recycle out to the curb. So, maybe three minutes later, I was outside again, rolling the recycle cart down to the street. Say what? There’s a faaaarrrr down the street. A big bonfaaaarrr in the “middle” of the street. Leaves. I had driven by that house maybe five minutes before and did not notice a faaarrrr. Or anything out of the ordinary. It is illegal to make a bonfaaarrr in the middle of the street on the Planet Ann Arbor and, as I went back inside, I wondered if somebody would call the Planet Ann Arbor Faaarrrr Department.

I was opening a package from eBay down in the dungeon. There were about a billion packing peanuts in it and that was the only place I had a garbage situation that would handle all those damn peanuts. (I needed some new mixing bowls — my old Copco ones are shot — and I found some cool vintage ones on eBay that will match one of the colors I want in my new chitchen.) Say what? SIRENS! Yup. Somebody called the AAFD. Back upstairs to grab my camera iPhone to *try* to get a photoooo. Alas, I am a huge fan of iPhoneography but I knew I could not get much closer to the action to get a better photoooo without having some poor overworked faaaaarman yell something like, “Git outta here and stop rubber-neckin’, ya old bag snowbilly”. So, this is what you get. That big bright light is not the faaaarrrr (which was pretty much out by then). It is what my iPhone did with one of the faaaarrr-trucks’ headlights. Yes, there were *two* trucks… Why? I do not know… How much does it cost to send out a faaarrr truck? I mean, this was a *leaf* bonfaaarrrr…

Good night,
Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    There were 3 police cars a the hospital er when we left. I suspect a gunshot wound.