Flingin’ Bling

So, NpJane commented on yesterday’s bunch of blather that the last time she tried to take a roll of pennies to an actual *bank* to deposit it, they would not accept it. If that’s the truth, I wonder what the heck the Haisley Elementary School PTO treasurer does with all the cash and coins after the Ice Cream Social. Or what the Forsythe Middle School Treasurer does with all of the cash and coins after all of those “Fun” Nights.

Back in the day when I did those jobs, I would take several gallon-size ziplock bags full of cash home after the Haisley ice cream social and also those loverly old fun nights. Once upon a time, Purple Victoria came over the day after one of those events and saw bags of cash on my kitchen table and remarked that it looked like I was a drug dealer. Except that most of the cash was one dollar bills. I loved counting money and I always took that stuff over to the bank perfectly counted and labeled and they loved me over there at the bank.

So, for everyday banking, I still have accounts at the bank that took over the bank that took over the bank that took over the bank that took over the bank that my dad and grandfather worked at as small-time bankers at in the rugged outpost of Sault Ste. Siberia. I am not sentimental, especially since the 2nd to last bank went under in the big mortgage greed crisis. But I still do use the new bank. For one thing, there is a branch within walking distance of my house and, even though I am not always in there with my big ugly PTO bags of cash and coin and lizards and whatever, people over there still remember me and so they are nice to me. And then there’s the fact that The Comm kept that bank for her everyday accounts (and safe deposit box) in Sault Ste. Siberia. Aaaannnddd… The bank manager lives next door to The Comm’s house and is a facebook friend of mine… I do not know if my branch of that bank takes coins, rolled or not. I suspect that the Sault Ste. Siberia branch does.

I dumped $43.40 worth of coins into the Coinstar musheen at Meijer today. I paid .09% to do that, $3.87 or something. Some people might think that I wasted money. I could’ve rolled those coins at home yada yada. But wait a minute. That would’ve taken time. First of all, I am done done done with rolling coins. Second, the bank is open when I am working. So taking my carefully rolled coins to the bank requires that I *drive* from my work *to* a branch bank (and back). How much gasoline am I using? At what price? Hmmm?

I’m not sure how an innocent comment from npJane resulted in this diatribe (or whatever it is).

I am doing my best to balance my life and at this point in time, sorting and rolling coins does not add any value to my life, not even in that zen way. (Er, not that anyone [but me] cares [wink].)

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