Full Swing Fling

Ever wonder what your dungeon walls look like from the *outside*? It’s a good thing I managed to get a picture of this loverly hole this morning after the sun came up and before I left for work. Otherwise, I am guessing I might never have known this prodject actually happened because apparently the hole is already filled up. I didn’t look. Actually, I am wrong. I would’ve noticed because this prodject took out a whole bunch of weedy, ugly vegetation that has been there mostly untouched for going on 30 years. Or more. Yay! Supposedly, our loverly clayey soil was pushing water through little cracks in the wall and not allowing it to seep or trickle or whatever down to the drain tile, which was pronounced A-okay. Now there’s gravel down in that there hole. Even I can figure out what that means. I think.

Flingin’. Okay, I have not flung in bulk lately, except for the three big garbage bags of clothes and stuff that Easter Seals is picking up on Friday. This weekend, I put a number of small bags and other containers into the Ninja for flinging at various places throughout the week. An egg carton went to work today for a woman who raises chickens in her back yard. A bag of old CDs and some scrappy balls of yarn got dropped off at the Scrap Box at lunchtime. Good memories of girl scout, YAG, and birthday events at that place.

What’s still in the Ninja? 1) Coins to drop into a Coinstar musheen. I’m sorry, I’m not gonna roll all those coins and take them to the bank. I spent a lot of time rolling coins during my small non-profit treasury years and I loved it but I didn’t have a full-time career in those days and now that I do life is just too damn short. I’ll pay $.09 on the dollar to dump my coins into the musheen. Besides, the Coinstar musheen is fun! (There’s one at Glen’s in Sault Ste. Siberia too.) 2) A few returnable bottles et al leftover from Thanksgiving. If the bottle musheen doesn’t take ’em, I’ll throw ’em into the recycle bin for the bottle picker folks to pick up Friday before the recycle truck comes. 3) Books! I am slowly but surely curating the book collection, so I am getting rid of some (but not all!) and now there are these book drop bins showing up all over town. I know there are other places to donate books but my fave (AAUW) only accepts them in the summer and my flinging prodject is ongoing and and this is easy because there is a drop bin at the Ann Arbor-Saline Rd. MEIJER! And that is on my way to work and I often stop there when I have a grokkery list of non-perishable things that can hang out in the Ninja’s trunk all day while I’m at work. Like terlet paper and dish detergent and plastic wrap and canned tomato paste and tortilla chips and cereal (and whine).

G’night and happy flinging (if you are flinging).

3 Responses to “Full Swing Fling”

  1. Marquis Says:

    I really dig this post 😉

  2. jane Says:

    not sure what bank you go to, but the last time I took a roll of pennies in (a long time ago) they wouldn’t accept them. the TCF at Pauline and Stadium has a coinstar machine. and if you have an account you get the full amount. 😉

  3. Pooh Says:

    i usually roll coins in the summer, when i’m not gainfully employeed anyhow. It feels almost like a paycheck. I usually have close to 3 figures though, unless someone has been raiding the quarters.