Snowy and Snowy are here. It’s time!

I wish I had a photooo of Snowy and Snowy. Or even of the great big hole on the south side of The Landfill. You’ll have to make do with this cheap and dirty “designer” fashion cart instead. I *don’t* brake for designer fashion and I haven’t been in TJ Maxx in a ‘coon’s age. I think the last time I was *in* TJ Maxx I was with Purple Victoria and we both bought Easter place mats. That would’ve been a long time ago because about all the attention we have given the Easter holiday since about 2002 is a distant tip of the hat. I mean, I often use Easter as an excuse to make a holiday dinner but we really don’t observe it in any religious way and I think I flung those place mats a while back. They were pretty cheesy.

Snowy and Snowy mark the true beginning of the Christmas holiday season. When I emailed my supervisor last Friday to let her know that I had indeed decided to work from home, she told me that the place was quiet except for Broosie putting up his Christmas decorations. I won’t even begin to try to describe Broosie here except to say that he is one of those eccentric people that every workplace absolutely *needs*. Occasionally his treasures overflow his cube to the point where someone above him (and me) in the hierarchical structure feels obligated to scale him back a bit. When this happens, he loans treasures to various other cubes (like mine). I am honored that my cube is considered worthy enough to display his treasures and I consider it one of the perks of my job. Anyway, Snowy and Snowy have been around for so many years that management puts up with them. The pink six-foot Easter bunny? Not so much… (P.S. Broosie *does* do his job.)

Oh yeah, and then there’s that big hole… It was pretty dern dark when I got home this afternoon and I didn’t even notice it. My first clue was that there were two bowls in the chitchen sink. Hmmm… I didn’t leave anything in the sink… Oh yeah, Terra Firma must’ve been here and the GG prob’ly came home to meet them. And dug into the leftovers that I had planned for dinner tonight (grrr). We have had a leak in the basement wall for oh, I dunno, about the last seven years maybe? Maybe longer. It is only obnoxious when it rains really hard and a puddle forms under and in front of the dryer and if I don’t remember that we have a leaky wall, I step in the damn water… We are *finally* doubling down (does “doubling down” make sense here?) and getting it fixed after much procrastination and certain people saying that they wanted to fix it themselves, etc., etc. My opinion about that was, “Not”.

Finally, we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday and I fergit what else. Except for Giving Tuesday. That’s tomorrow. A new thing? I may not do any giving tomorrow (I’ll be working) but I have already done some giving this year, especially taking over some of the charities that The Commander supported (Hi, take The Comm off your list and add me). I will be doing more although I will be very careful about who and what I give money to and how much…

The Goldfinger theme song just played on NPR. When I was a teenager and people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always told them I wanted to be a beach bum. Really I wanted to be a Bond Girl. Sorta. I wanted to *look* like the Bond girls, I didn’t want to get killed. And guess what? You can be a beach bum and still be successful in your career. Success is however you define it.

Good night,

P.S. I have not voted for Republicans for a long time now and that party will have to work very hard to get my vote but I liked what John McCain said about the choice issue. Google it.

2 Responses to “Snowy and Snowy are here. It’s time!”

  1. Paulette Says:

    As of the end of October, the Soo has a TJ maxx. I do go in there and recently bought some “designer” plum butter. So delicious! I like the food section there.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I hate to shop and rarely go near any stores. (except grocery ones) I’m not into fashion at all either.