Working from home…

…or hardly working? I did work from home this afternoon. Really. I was working on a complex little piece of functionality and all of those mini-trips down to the dungeon to jerk furniture and boxes of crap around and set Rooooomba off on various tasks gave my brain the breaks it needed to compose complex spreadsheet functions…

The most irritating part of the day was when I took a lasagne-building mini-break and I mixed up the filling and I dunno, it wasn’t like it smelled *bad* exactly… Just wasn’t quite right… I only bought that ricotta a few days ago. It should’ve been okay and it probably was but… I dumped it. Jumped into the Ninja and *drove* over to the Plum. And couldn’t get outta my blasted neighborhood… Why? Because a po-leesewoman was stopped *right* at the end of the street sitting there doing I dunno what. Looked like reports or something. I wanted to make a left turn onto the North Maple Speedway but there was no way I was gonna go around to the left of that po-leesewoman. For one thing, it is dangereuse! Because people who want to turn *on* to the street I’m turning out of come swinging around there like bats outta hell. For another thing, I was figgering if I tried to go to the left of the po-leesewoman, she would figger out some way to ding me. I was irritated at her. I am not one of those who hates the po-leese but I did not like what this woman was doing. If she needed to sit around and do reports, she couldda picked a better place to park. And then, I got to the Plum and I had *one* item (ricotta) and I had to *wait*. In line. When I was over there on my earlier [planned] trip, I did not have to wait at all.

Anyway, this is all really mundane stuff. Because I am sitting here in the Landfill Backroom with Sam and Jcb. We are hanging out in front of a fake-log faaaarrrr waiting for Vorpal Blade to go Snicker Snack. Yes we are all hanging out on various Apple-type dee-vices. Are we being anti-social? Well, not really, since we are playing videos etc., for each other. Like Dave Brubeck, who died today at 91. He beat The Commander I guess, but not by much.

And then there is my blog friend Margaret’s husband, who began his journey over to the other side late last night Pacific time, after a long illness. Godspeed to Mr. Stargazer and a hope for peace to Margaret.

2 Responses to “Working from home…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Thank you, my friend. I know he is in a better place, but right now, I am not. Having trouble adjusting to the reality.

  2. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I listened to Take Five today. At work! With the volume relatively turned up. (Nobody does that where I work). We played that in Stage Band when I was in high school (love-love-loved it), and I was shocked that Mr. Brubeck was 91. I had no idea — I figured he was a boomer.