Pick yer fav-o-rite emergency.

Number 1: The faaarrr alarms over in Cubeland went off at 4:30 in the afternoon today. Cubeland is a one-story building that is mostly open space divided by cube walls with some conference rooms and things here and there. If there ever was a *real* faaaarrr in Cubeland, *everyone* would know it. Actually, once there *was* a real “faaaarrrrr” of sorts, when somebody burned some damn Microwave popcorn. I mean, there wasn’t *really* a faaaarrrr, just probably enough smoke to trigger the faaaarrrr alarm system. It smelled *horrible* but that was about it. Today there was no faaarrrrr anywhere. We all knew that. Some of us took our sweet time putting on our jackets and skibands and glubs and making sure we had our car keys with us, etc. Others hid out and continued to do their jobs until somebody or other went in and ferreted them out. There was no faaaarrrr. The Planet Ann Arbor (actually Pittsfield Township) sent *two* trucks (count ’em) out anyway. How much does that cost?

Number 2: Sigh. What is going on in the “lame duck” session over in Lansing today? The frickin’ tea-partiers that have a stranglehold over the state legislature are doing their best to pass bill after bill after bill. Right to work (for less). “Religious freedom” for medical professionals to decide who they will or will not treat based on their own religious convictions (a thinly disguised swipe at abortion rights but could go down a few other slippery slopes that the radical tea party conservatives are too ignorant and uneducated to understand…). I’ve already discussed what our wondrous governor (with the full support of the tea party) is trying to do to education…

Many people went to Lansing to protest the right-to-work bill today. Enough that the state police got called in. They used tear-gas (I meant to write “pepper spray” but still) and the repugs shut the capitol for a while. This is disgusting. The people these bills will hurt are largely not free-loaders (or “welfare queens” or “dirty old hippies” or whatever). There are free-loaders at every level of our society and there always will be but most of our union workers are folks who work their damn butts off so they can provide for their families. We need to support them. … …

Number 3: Blimpy Burger is closing!!!! (or possibly relocating…)

Take yer pick… The whole world is going to hell in a handbasket anyway, Mayan calendar or not.

2 Responses to “Pick yer fav-o-rite emergency.”

  1. Jay Says:

    We had a microwave popcorn “fire” once too.
    We had figured it out, but the fire folks responded anyway. (And we toured them around the building so they would be more familiar in the event of a real event.)
    They used to get to our office before we could call in a false alarm. (from dust or something)
    Not so much anymore.
    But we do clear the building for every drill, and take roll call. And look for those that do not show up where they are supposed to be.
    The best fun in a non-drill alarm is watching customers as the fire wall closes down over the reception desk, with whomever is on the work side of the desk telling them to STEP BACK from the desk.

  2. jane Says:

    I vote #3. although it sounds like they will relocate. but still – will there be a flower thing out front to build snow bears on?!?!? this is important! and will it always be a pleasant surprise to drive by and see the snow bears? and easy to drive by? quality of life, baby!