Your browser is outta date!

You betcha it is. Because I am using a vintage 12″ screen Apple PowerBook G4. It is a loverly old musheen and I can remember when I first saw an advertisement for one. It was back in January 2003 in The New Yorker and it was love at first sight! It was exactly what I needed and, despite my usual reluctance to be the first kid on the block to adopt the latest and greatest technology, in less than a month, I had managed [by quite some hooks and crooks] to obtain one.

Why am I using such a loverly old beastie? Because I am at the Group Home at Houghton Lake and I managed to LEAVE MY CAREFULLY PACKED TECH BACKPACK BACK AT THE LANDFILL!!! !!! !!! How did I do that? I am not sure. The GG had finished loading the Frog Hopper and he had forgotten to put my snow boots in and I was brandishing those about on the Landfill front porch and my backpack was still inside. And. I locked the door. And got into the Frog Hopper. Without my backpack. I think. I don’t really remember.

I didn’t realize I didn’t have my backpack (with my MacBook Pro and iPad in it) until we were at least a half hour north of Dogmomster’s house and then there was a bit of a scramble that I will not go into but the backpack did *not* seem to be in the Frog Hopper… Hmmph… And then, someone had the bright idea to do find my iPad! Duh… Yes, there it was, at the Landfill, with 14% battery life left. So I am using this loverly old musheen, which still works perfectly but I am afraid to upgrade the browser because who knows what operating system is on it (I know that it is not Lion) and whether that OS supports the latest version of the browser. (It is not actually my old musheen, it is Lizard Breath’s old musheen and it has been repurposed to run the Houghton Lake webcam. Or something.)

So, we are here at Houghton Lake via the Champagne Flight. That is, we stopped of at Dogmomster’s on the way for some snacks and a wee bit o’ whine for those of us not driving (how did she know [wink]) and also to meet up with Lizard Breath who drove up from Fabulous Ferndale, dropped her vee-hickle off at Dogmomster’s and hitched a ride with us for the rest of the way.

And yes, the Archies were playing when we arrived, as you might be able to see. I decided I was so sick to death of polly-ticks that I switched us over from NPR to the ’60s satty-lite radio station as soon as we drove outta the driveway and there you go.

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