This blahg brought to you by blood sweat and tears

I wanted to do one of those multi-photo blahgs like I sometimes do. Today it would’ve ranged from the snow we got down at Houghton Lake this morning to the loverly little military surplus shoppe we screeched to a stop at on the way to Gaylord, and then a photoooo or two from our trip over to one of our fav-o-rite shopping destinations here in the god-forsaken Great Lake State, none other than Petoskey.

Alas, I cannot believe how tech challenged I am without my regular laptop. My phone is loverly and that old beastie I used yesterday works up to a point. The Windows musheen that has been generally offered to me here on The Planet Gaylord is loverly but I keep fergitting that it is controlled via a mouse rather than a touchpad plus the keyboard seems to be a wee bit to the left of the one on the loverly Windows musheen that I use for work. So I keep trying to type things like “hello”, I get things like “jr;;p” and when I try to backspace, I get “…..” added on to regular words.

I am grateful for the computer loaner and I am irritated at myself for being such a klutz. Anyway, we are here with Bob and Gay on Bob White Way (in or near Gaylord) and we went to Petoskey today. I would go to Petoskey every other day (or at least every other month) if I could. I love to go to Petoskey. It is just enough off the beaten track from The Planet Ann Arbor to the yooperland that it’s hard to get to, especially when you are forever making emergency trips to the yooperland. No emergency trips today though and it’s a mere 40 minutes or thereabouts from Gaylord.

And so now that I am finally getting used to this mouse / keyboard form factor, I am so tired I can hardly see straight. We were at the Mitchell Street Pub today (for about the billionth time). Shopping, then back to Gaylord and dinner at the Michaywe Inn (or something like that).


2 Responses to “This blahg brought to you by blood sweat and tears”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can’t blog from my tablet because I can’t figure out how to do photos in it. I need to use my desktop for any heavy duty blogging. I need a keyboard because I make mistakes with that touch keyboard and sometimes the tablet won’t let me go back to fix them. Frustrating!

  2. Paulette Says:

    Really enjoy the Mitchell Street Pub. It doesn’t hurt that there is a nice yarn shop nearby. 😉