The end of the eorld

Or maybe just the stove…

Aloha my loverly old stove. Oh, how I loved you. We had so many wonderful times together. All those turkeys and ducks and chitchen pieces and steaks (yes, the steaks) and lasagnas and eggplantP and pita chips and even cookies back in the day. And pasta and rice and vegetable sautes and breakfasts and… I can’t even think of all the stuff we cooked together. You never let me down. I occasionally let something boil over and there was the infamous time I put the meatloaf in your oven and forgot to turn it on… Alas, I think I am taaaarrred of living with a 3-burner stove. That burner blowout a couple years ago wasn’t your fault. We used you to death. It isn’t your fault that they don’t make burners for you any more. I am sorry. I will miss you…

Hello, beautiful new stove. I loved you the moment I met you. I hope you know how much it means, given how many years I have been looking at stoves, that I picked you. I wonder how often I will actually use your two full-sized ovens. I don’t think I will ever cook two 28-pound turkeys at the same time but who knows. Anyway, we usually cook our turkeys out in the back yard in the gas grill. But who knows what I could get up to now that you and I are friends. With your two ovens, I could bake trays of pita chips in parallel and do them in half the time, roight? I hope you are as good to me as your ancestor was.

G’night from the Great Lake State where (in this little corner of it at least) it is WINDY as all getout and the sidewalks got so icy today that I walked downtown in my YakTraks and we actually accepted a ride home from the Oscar Tango with npJane tonight in part because of the wind. And partly because I just got lazy. Christmas is in four days and I don’t have to work any of the days leading up to it but we have a lot to do in the next 18 hours. And so…

2 Responses to “The end of the eorld”

  1. Sam Says:

    Adios Old Stove. Welcome New Stove. She looks gorgeous, and like a Real Team Player (RTP). Wishing you the baking and boiling best, KW.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    You inspire me. My stove (very old, maybe 25 yrs) looks a lot like your Old Stove although all 4 burners of my burners still work. I’m overdue for an upgrade — in my mind anyway. 25 yrs is a quarter of a century!! But it’s hard for me to give up on an appliance that still functions.

    Anyway, congrats on your home improvement! Doesn’t it feel great to have a nice clean fresh oven/stove?? I should upgrade for that reason alone…sort of a radical form of cleaning.

    Here in the DC area we got a lot of wind yesterday and today. I wonder if it was the same front that blew through your location? Wind seems to be dying down now. I think it’s nice to have a winter. Reminds me that any change in our climate is progressing soooo slowly and erratically that I won’t really feel the effects in my lifetime. A weirdly comforting thought.