Bedlam of the best kind…

Back in the day when we would have Christmas dinner at my grandparents’ house in Sault Ste. Sibera it was probably pretty crazy. There were usually four families in attendance, assuming nobody was in Alaska at the time (you know who you are [wink]) and that meant 11 cousins. We could get rambunctious but the grandparents had a big old house and the parents kept us pretty well under control and by the time I was at the age of rambunctiousness, I had quite a few cousins who were getting a bit past that age and I tried to emulate them (not always successfully).

I married into a large family. Lemme see… 10 siblings, 19 grandchildren, and [counting on fingers now] 12 great-grandchildren (?). Every year, the C Fam gets together for a huge, rambunctious Christmas party. I hosted it a couple of times back in the dark ages but the Landfill with its Blue and Only Bathroom is no longer big enough to accommodate those numbers so usually it’s hosted by someone somewhere in the megalopolis area with a bigger house.

This year, it was at our nephew’s new house over in the east side Dee-troit suburbs. He arrived from Afghanistan today and somehow managed to get up the gumption to play Santa for the kids. His mom gets credit for doing the main cooking tasks, helped by two of her sisters and various in-laws and out-laws. I was not much help this time around other than making veggie lasagne (first thing I cooked in my new stove’s top oven). Long drive for us over there but what worked out was nipping down off I696 at Woodward a couple blocks to pick up Lizard Breath at her apartment in Fabulous Ferndale. As for the party, can I just say bedlam? Yes. Fun though, as always.

I love this family. That is just about all I can say.

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