Mystery solved!

I don’t remember my parents saving newspapers. Years ago when I was a child, they saved them until my old coot burned the trash (yes, we did that then). Later on, they threw them out, used them as fire starter, or recycled them, whatever the era or season. They saved *clippings*. Important items when one of us made it into the Sault Evening Snooze, maybe family obituaries, etc. (And Grandma over a few blocks away kept a hawk-eye on the honor roll but that would be a whole ‘nother story [wink].) So I could not figure out why they had saved a complete newspaper from June 15, 1960. There’s nothing significant about that date that I know of and I could not find *anything* in the entire newspaper that might warrant saving it.

When the GG and I encountered this newspaper, we had the usual argument about whether or not to save it. I am more of a flinger but I caved in and didn’t immediately throw it into the recycle. That was months ago… Lizard Breath was here this morning and somehow the talk turned to that newspaper. I dredged it out and she volunteered to try to decipher out why it was saved. I thought something like, “Okay, go for it.” LB is a smarter little cookie than her baggy old moom ever was but I was skeptical that she would solve the mystery.

But then, after a while she giggled that she had figured it out. And I suspect she did. The Sundstrom boys and two of the Mackie boys are in this photo and article about baby skunks. It was on the back page. Now, how does Lizard Breath know anything about the Sundstrom or Mackie boys? She probably has not encountered the Mackie boys but I bet she remembers Marc S from the old Glen’s grocery store when she was about three. We went up to Siberia for Thanksgiving and we had gotten her all hyped up about “The Grinch” coming to Thanksgiving dinner. The Comm and I took Liz to the old Glen’s where we ran into Marc. After that little grocery store encounter, The Comm and I were talking about the Grinch and Liz said, “I already know him, I saw him at the grocery store.” Marc is a gentle giant who, at the time, was the father of an infant himself, but I remember Liz being wide-eyed. Who *was* this giant?

Marc is that cute little boy in the left of the photo. He was a couple years older than me and we didn’t go to the same grade school and I wasn’t friends with him until much later when he would come out to the beach and hang out with my cuzzints et al. Why did The Comm save that paper? I can only guess that she bought a couple extra copies to send to the Sundstroms and Mackies and somehow one copy of that paper got randomly stashed somewhere and here it is ???

I think I will save it [grin]. I love that my children know the name “Sundstrom” even though they did not grow up in Sault Ste. Siberia. Also, it is *hilarious* seeing ads for the old dime stores and Cowan’s and the Soo Creamery clown face again.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I pity my kids trying to figure out why I’ve saved some of the papers I have. I don’t even remember myself!