Green Cheese

I think that about the most exciting thing that happened around here today was when we got diverted off of the main road around Houghton Lake because we were about to interfere with the Tip-Up Town parade. We had stopped at Woldemort to get a certain container and then Radio Shack and Home Depot. After the detour, we hit up the liqwire store and the Best Choice grocery store.

That snowmobiler in the photooo seems to be doing something dangerous. It was warm here today (40 or so) and it looks like there’s water out there just past the ice but it is actually ice. There is no snow on the ice this year. After the sun set tonight, we could see the reflections of snowmobile headlights out there on the ice. At any rate, the water in front of the group home is knee deep for many yards out and if a snowmobiler happened to go through the ice here, they might get pretty cold but they wouldn’t die unless something really weird happened.

It is the first of two Tip-Up Town weekends here and it was something like 40 degrees here today (yes, I already said that) with little periods of light rain. Tip-Up Town is an old ice-fishing festival that has been somewhat co-opted by snowmobiles in the last 50 years or so. It’s pretty warm here for an ice-fishing festival but it’s supposed to get a lot colder overnight. And now it seems that snow is spitting around and someone here spotted lightning. Yay for thundersnow and so goodnight.

P. S. Nothing like repeating myself 100 times or so. Blahgging in the midst of a room full of cackling people and a blaring TV!

2 Responses to “Green Cheese”

  1. Sam Says:

    I’m trying to guess the percentage of people here in that ATL metro area who know what a Tip-Up Town is…. Can’t be terribly high….

  2. Margaret Says:

    Love thundersnow! It’s cold here, but no snow, just fog.