Well, lemme see, how many times in one blahg entry dooya think I can tell you the temperature today? At least I can’t tell you it’s 40 degrees because it’s not anywhere near 40 degrees today. I was gonna tell you it was 12 but last time I checked, it seems to be 9.5. Cold and windy with a side helping of treacherous walking, even with YakTrax. Our wet slushy road froze solid overnight. I managed close to six miles anyway, split into two walks. Skiing? Nope. Not enough snow.

So, a cold slodgy day today and most of us slodged around at the Group Home the entire day. But then, the Beautiful Becky came home from a trip around the lake and made some wonderful chili in the afternoon and so we weren’t exactly hungry for our planned duck breast dinner until I dunno, around eight or so. I think the duck breast was successful and maybe we’ll do it again.

I am done for today. Football is still going on. I actually love the ambience of people watching football on TV while I hang out on the Internet. Good night…

One Response to “Neanderthals”

  1. Margaret Says:

    BRRR, just BRRR. I feel bad complaining about our 20s and 30s! I love chili, but am not fond of duck. (too greasy)