In which everyone on the QA team looks the same

amaryllisExcept that they don’t. This is one of the most multicultural teams I have run into since my last couple years at CSC. Back then we had just about every gender, ethnic background, religious identity, whatever, even “hillbilly”. We worked together and we left our differences at home and we rocked! It’s like that where I work now and the QA team folks are wildly different in terms of appearance (and gender, ethnic background yada yada). The teams that *do* look quite a bit alike are the business analyst team (aka my team) and the research team. Baggy old WASPy-type folks. We rock too (I’d like to think). We embrace the more multicultural teams and they seem to put up with us.

The story behind this is that one of us baggy old BAs (actually not me) kind of inadvertently made the statement that everyone on the QA team looked the same. What she meant was that they are all professionals who do their jobs so well that when one of them approaches you to pick apart your very carefully written baby spec, it doesn’t matter who it is or what they look like. Because they know their stuff and you had better be ready to answer whatever the question is. Or they will… Make jokes about you forever…

And so, I got home today and I went in and out of the Landfill about three times, putting stuff in the recycle and garbage carts and dragging them out to the curb. And *finally*, I actually looked at what was in the Front Room… A very carefully lined up bunch of stuffed aminals leading up to an Amaryllis plant! When I left this morning, there was nothing unusual in the Landfill Front Room.

So, Mouse was here… We texted back and forth. Me: Thank You. I hope I don’t kill it. What kind of plant is it? Mouse: It’s an amaryllis. I’ll foster it for you after it blooms if you want. Me: Is it the same kind of plant that Sam was traveling with a year or two ago? Mouse: Yes.

Oh yeah, I got back to walking in the dark this morning. Finally. The GG seemed to be nervous that I wouldn’t walk again. Nope. My legs got cold but it was all good. I think I need to retool my winter outerwear just a wee bit…

4 Responses to “In which everyone on the QA team looks the same”

  1. Mouse Says:


  2. Margaret Says:

    I am a plant killer extraordinaire, although my two poinsettias are still alive. (one just barely)

  3. Pooh Says:

    I thought the picture represented the diversity of the QA team!

  4. kayak woman Says:

    @Pooh, I thought so too but I was outta writing steam and so couldn’t work it in 🙂