Title, anyone?

walking4Okay, so when I began my 0-skunk-30 walk, it was not snowing (as predicted) and I was able to high-step around the neighborhood without a problem. I started out with YakTrax but took them off about a quarter of the way through the whole thing and I was OK!!! Alas, by the time I had to drive to work, the roads were not particularly good. And I had the Ninja… Which the GG has been driving all week and left it without *any* gas… “Oh, there’s a half tank!” Nooooo… There was a half tank when you started driving it, now there are three squares… So, I slodged along to the Shell station on the busiest corner on earth and got all set to put gas in my vee-hickle, except that the pay outside thing was broken. So I had to get back into the damn Ninja and move to another pump. A long slodge later, I finally got to work. Sigh.

Much later… This is the weekend of the Ann Arbor Folk Festival (google it if you want). The GG always buys high-end tickets for this show. He went to it once when he was a young punk kind of person and these days we support it. I don’t go to the show. I’ve been to the show. I like folk music (any music that I am not *playing*) in the background of my life. The Folk Festival is loverly but it is long and it is LOUD and one year there was a headliner who spent more time walking around picking out which fancy gee-tar he was gonna play next than actually playing something.. Even the GG was bored with that. It was after 11 PM. Let’s go home. Yes…

Tonight, I walked down to the Red Hawk restaurant to meet with the GG and drive a vee-hickle home. I didn’t leave work as early as I should have, so I scrambled to get downtown, walking and running (yes), trying to get down there on time, whatever that means. In the end, there was time to spare for anyone going to the folk festival and the GG snagged a couple of wonderful folks to share a table with us, Marquita and her daughter (?) Kristen. They were going to the folk festival too.

And then Chloe Belle came along and I drove his loverly old Jeep Liberty home to The Landfill. It took me absolutely forever to get back over to my west-side Ann Arbor home because there was a huge faaaaaar on William Street that made a mess of the downtown A2 traffic in general. As if the snow wasn’t enough.

One Response to “Title, anyone?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Well, here in the PNW, we would title the post Snowmaggedon because even a snowflake will cause us to panic. You are made of stronger stuff and went about your activities and life like normal. 😉