Reflections and silhouettes

And then there are days like today when we got up early and managed to arrive at Lake Erie just as the sun was rising over Celeron Island. The last time we went down there was approximately a year ago and we haven’t been back since. No particular reason, just busy. I am linking to that post because I expressed my thoughts about one of my favorite urban parks there and they haven’t changed. It was very hot that day. Today, one year later, I hiked in polartech socks, sandals, and 50-cent knit gloves. The light is always beautiful down there and so unlike Gitchee Gumee. We ran into a painter who was meeting with friends to paint landscapes. I just used my trusty old Powershot and home-grown amateur photography skills. Thank the gods for digital cameras because I would spend a fortune wasting film otherwise with all the crappy photos I take. We walked for two and a half hours and were back home on the Planet A-squared with Panera in hand just before noon, giving me the afternoon to dredge the dungeon. And I did do a *little* dredging before I needed oxygen. Perfect day? Knock on wood big time.

Anyway, click here or on the pic for a very lightly captioned slide show.


One Response to “Reflections and silhouettes”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    Those pix say it all. What a gorgeous morning!