Frog flower

amaryllisArgument of the day: the light above the stove keeps falling down. I generally like what passes for task lighting better than an overhead light. The cheap and dirty solution to over-the-stove task lighting here at The Landfill is one of those bare-bones fluorescent tubes from the hardware store or wherever. It isn’t fancy but I don’t care. It does the job and doesn’t [usually] get in my way. Except that for the last few days, it has fallen down twice. The light isn’t broken but the little plastic thingies that hold it up there are disintegrating. My attitude is, “let’s just get a new one.” The GG does not like to spend money (except when he does… [wink]) and he also likes to fix things, so he was bent on fixing it. And he eventually did and I am happy [thank you] but I predict it’ll fall down again soon… I have to say that this argument was a lot less stressful than some of the arguments we had yesterday.

I have an amaryllis. I have an amaryllis that is currently in bloom. I have an amaryllis with *frog*-colored blossoms! My Mouse gave me this amaryllis, along with a huge list of instructions on how to take care of it. She told me it was a surprise color and it *was*! It is pretty close to Froggy’s colors. Green with a bit of purple about the edges (except the amaryllis color is really more dark red than purple, close enough though).

I am amazed that I have managed to not kill this beautiful plant before it bloomed. Black Thumb Banana is my alter-ego, don’tcha know… I did manage to knock one of the blossoms off one of the stems though. How? I was trying to get a decent photooo of the plant without a whole lot of background noise, so I tried to take Ike off the wall. In the process, poor old Ike the birch-bark fish *fell* on the plant and knocked a blossom off. I was devastated. Why couldn’t I just leave well enough alone and let Ike share space with my beauteous amaryllis?

I spent waaaayyy too much time trying to get a decent “artsy” photoooo of my frog flower the other day. In the end, I decided to post this one, which isn’t anything great but it captures the frog flower with a glimpse of Ike in the background just above it and High-Heeled Stegorator down in the lower right.

Onward and upward? Let’s go!

4 Responses to “Frog flower”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate it when lights fall down(mine did in our master closet and it was very unpleasant to fix); hope your repair is successful!!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Does duct tape come in red and turquoise? 😉
    Love the amaryllis.

  3. Paulette Says:

    Love your frog amaryllis.

  4. Mouse Says:

    GROK!! That one just seemed right. <3