A Radical Betty moment

downtownWe went to the Ark tonight to see Hot Club of Cowtown. I *had* to get that out there early because somehow I keep merging the Hot Club of Cowtown with the Cowboy Cultural Society and, even though I just got home from the concert, I *still* have to keep asking the GG the name of the band we just saw.

Let me start at the very beginning. Of today, that is. I walked outside in my YakTrax at 0-skunk-30 today but all of the cement surfaces were dry (except for random patches of black ice but I can see those with my iPhone flashlight). So I took my YakTrax. Then something started coming out of the sky. I couldn’t tell at first if it was ice or snow. A couple blocks later, the streets and sidewalks (and black ice) were covered with snow and I sat down on the curb and put my YakTrax back on.

I was really feeling sorry for myself this morning. We were supposed to drive to HL tonight and I didn’t wanna drive up in snow / freezing rain. Heck, I didn’t even wanna drive to work. I whined that I didn’t wanna drive the Ninja to work and so the GG very patiently backed the Ninja out into the street so I could drive the Frog Hopper (he did not work today). Still I was freaked out about the drive. I decided to work from home. I faaarrred up my work laptop and got out my VPN key device. And then… I remembered. A Friday approximately a year ago. Similar weather conditions. I *did* work from home that day. Until a phone call came… A bit of PTSD maybe today? I kicked myself in the butt, shut down my work laptop, hit the remote start button on the Frog Hopper’s key fob, threw some biz-caz stuff on, packed a lunch and took off. It was an ugly commute and I would’ve hated it in the Ninja but I was pretty confident in the Frog Hopper and I *loved* being at work today. In my loverly, once dog-poopy cube.

The weather settled down and I’m sure we could’ve driven up safely tonight but the GG made an alternate plan to go to the Ark tonight and drive up early tomorrow, when the weather is [hopefully] better. I am not crazy about concerts. I get up at 5:30 AM and it’s really hard for me to stay awake through a concert sometimes. Plus I just hate to sit. And it has been a long brain-twisting week at work.

It all worked out. I walked downtown and met the GG at the Oscar Tango. He left a bit before me to get in line at the Ark while I had a glass of cab and chilled out a bit more (and paid the bill). The band was wonderful. Elana the violin player has got to be classically trained. She is stellar and it seems clear to me she has spent a lot of time with the whatever the violin world’s equivalent to the flute world’s Taffanel and Gaubert exercises is. Actually one of my fav-o-rite bits of the night was a few moments when she was just a wee bit out of tune. I am not being catty here at all. I just loved being at a *real* performance and hearing a pro go flat just for a few seconds. And it was literally a few seconds out of the billions of notes the woman played. I’ll be seeing this group again.

My Radical Betty moment? Well of course, it was an “oh shit” moment! I was standing in line outside the Ark (the GG was already inside). I was between two couples, both older than me (I *think*, sometimes I can’t tell). I pulled out my iPhone to take the looovvverly fuzzy photooo in this post and then. I dropped it. Yes. On cement. “Oh shit!” Loudly! My iPhone didn’t break or crack (any more, it’s already a bit cracked). I apologized for my language and explained and everyone commiserated with me and then I went into KW mode and said something stupid like, “if it was broken, I’d just buy a new one.” But that *is* what I’d do…

G’night. Maybe I will actually ski this weekend. It’s been a while. Hope I can still do it…

2 Responses to “A Radical Betty moment”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you got out and away from those memories. I need to find a way to do that too. Right now I’m wallowing too much–or is it normal? Do iPhones break easily? I’m thinking of getting one. Then I get nervous about how stupid I’ll feel when I can’t use it and talk myself out of it. 😉 I used to love to ski!

  2. Paulette Says:

    The Commander and RB, giggling from the other side, enjoyed and maybe even inspired the expletive! I believe….