slushstormPlug and unplug. Plug and unplug. Unplug the cable from the airport (or whatever it is). Plug it back in. Unplug the cable from the cable modem. Plug it back in. Unscrew the cable from the cable modem. Screw it back in. Finally, the flashing yellow light on the airport (or whatever it is) turns a nice solid green.

Plug and unplug. Plug and unplug. Unplug the powerstrip from line 1. Plug it into line 2. Power up? No. Unplug the powerstrip from line 2. Plug it into (eeny, meeny, miney mo) line 4. Voila! Power up! Nothing like spending the first 15 minutes or so of your work day crawling around on the floor down in the bottom of your loverly, once dog-poopy cube trying to find a working outlet.

Yes, I did go *in* to work today despite all my caterwauling about the work-from-home controversy of the week. Perversely enough, I actually kind of *wanted* to drive in the heavy, slushy crap that fell overnight. Of course, I *did* have the Frog Hopper today. It really wasn’t all that bad, mostly wet, although some roads had huge slush piles everywhere. If I had been speeding, I’m sure I could easily have spun out but I wasn’t speeding and most other drivers were taking it easy too and I got there just fine, even stopping at the Saline Road Meijer on the way for Cheerios and other essentials that I don’t buy at the Plum.

When I arrived we had “half-power”. That is, about half of the lucky-shuckial outlets in the building had power, hence all of the crawling around down in the bottom of my cube.

My supervisor and I agreed early on this morning that today had the potential to be a very weird day and it was, albeit most of that weirdness would be inside jokes that are only funny to people who work where I do. Except for this… The LSCHP opened up a javascript file and there it was. A variable named bOOBA. He happened to be in a conference room with a client (rare for clients to be in our backwater office) and was projecting at the time, so everyone in the room could see this. Hilarity ensued. Whyyyy would anyone name a variable bOOBA? “I can see how a guy might name a variable something like that but it’s three *women* who code this stuff.” And it *is* three women and one of them is meeeee and I didn’t create this variable but it follows one of our informal variable-naming conventions and, if I had been working on that prodject, I’d’ve probably named it that too. And never noticed it. Nerds R Us…

Came home to shovel water and do more damn plugging and unplugging, since the damn internet was out *again*.

2 Responses to “Ba-ooooooooba”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Half power? That sounds like a pain. Is the weather supposed to improve??

  2. gene Says:

    Half power? – you were lucky – we had no power. A kerosene heater vented up the fireplace chimney kept the plants from the greenhouse from freezing , a chore to bring in, and us if we sat pretty much in front of it. We were able to do breakfast and lunch and Jane had us over for dinner which we picked up at Whole Foods. She had the wine. With our comforter, sleeping was no problem at the other end of the house. I guess the people who were working to restore power were working
    18 hour days or some such thing.