Coming up for air

leaningsnowmanThe GG spent the day running the Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore North Country Trail chapter table over at the Quiet Water Symposium on the Moo U. campus. I could have gone with him but after much dithering and dathering, I stayed home.

Last year I did go over there but not with the GG. I drove over to visit my BFF Sam (archaeologist, not dog), who was in a waiting mode as The Botanist prepared to make his exit. I had spent the winter in that waiting mode and it was only a couple weeks since that journey had ended for me. I visited with Sam and Doc Burns and The Botanist (“Where is Mouse?” [smile]) that day and then Sam and I headed over to tour the symposium. We met up with the GG and others from Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore for a bit. I thought about that day a lot this week and I was missing my Sam (and her parents, who were so wonderful to me whenever I hung out at their house back in the day. It felt a lot like home to me).

Today, The Landfill was an absolute pig sty. I vacuumed things (Roooomba did most of that) and washed floors and cleaned the bathroom and the refrigerator and did a few loads of laundry and a bit a grokkery shopping and some garbage processing and and and and inventoried the latest load of The Commander’s “stuff”. The Commander and I did not always share a sense of taste but we do apparently gravitate toward similar styles of pottery, so I will be keeping that. I mean, I’ll happily hand some of it to any grandchildren who may want it, otherwise it’ll find a place somewhere in my new chitchen.

I was exhausted at the end of that. I needed a walk but I had to bag it. The forecast today was for “snow flurries” and that is exactly what we got. All day. What that meant was that about an eighth inch of snow covered up the sidewalks, completely hiding the randomly scattered slick spots of black ice. I wore my YakTrax over to the Plum and even slipped occasionally with those on. Bad bad bad.

So… Whine instead. While waiting for various people to converge upon The Landfill and The Planet Ann Arbor. That all happened and then, dinner at the Grizzly Peak with Lizard Breath and a very fun friend of hers. Good times!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Whine or wine? Or both? 😉 I absolutely hate the ice! When we’ve had bad winters, my 84 year old dad has felt compelled to go out to get his newspaper when it’s dark and icy and has fallen twice. Scary stuff, as you know!