Dinosaurs ON!

allosaurusAnybody else have kids who were / are nuts about dinosaurs? I remember Lizard Breath’s 1st grade teacher, Mrs. W., telling me she was amazed the day she asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up and Liz, who was one of the youngest, smallest 1st-graders in the class, used the 50-buck word “paleontologist”.

I admit that I’m having just a wee bit of trouble going on here. I’m getting stuck on the fact that a teacher (a beloved one, actually) was surprised that a cute little blonde girl not only knew the word paleontologist but could pronounce it correctly and use it in a sentence…

I won’t go in that direction today. It was a *good* day and I want to keep it happy. The reason my cute little girl knew the word “paleontologist” was mostly because we read *books*. We read all kinds of books and if a kid was interested in something, I would obtain whatever books were out there about that subject. Dinosaurs? Yes, let’s learn! But it was also because of the Wee Sing Dinosaurs tape. The one we listened to all the way across town to Stone School Co-op Nursery and back for the five years that we had children [or not] there.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum today. It’s been a long time. It hasn’t changed all that much and that’s a good thing. All the old dioramas and taxidermied aminals are still around. And those scary guys too (that’s Liz’s photo).

The first time I went to the Dinosaur museum, I was 13 and I was charged with entertaining my brother and NpJane while the parents went wherever they went. We were dropped off and that was it… NpJane was terrified of the allosaur (she was five, fer kee-reist). I loved NpJane and I didn’t want her to be scared. We managed somehow.

I loved going to the dinosaur museum today. I loved making breakfast for more people than just the GG and me even more. There was a planetarium show that I didn’t attend. I walked home instead, basking in the light (if not hear) streaming down from this strange bright orb in the sky. Daytime astronomy for me today, thank you very much.

It’s March now. Onward…

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  1. gene Says:

    Rey was a real dinosaur freak when he was fairly young. We took him to some museum (I can’t remember where) and there was a life-size dinosaur – the kind with the big long neck- and it moved its head around. Rey took one look and said “I want to be out of this room right now.”