Outside In

It seems to me that there’s some old 1960s “acid rock” song with a title or lyrics or whatever that go on and on about Inside Outside In yada yada… I can’t quite grab the tune or the lyrics or the group outta that blobby data base aka my brain. The GG, in his attempts to help, came up with *this wonderful old tune by the Amboy Dukes*, of Dee-troit. This was not the right song but it is one that I *loved* as a kid and probably danced to over and over alone in my room as an angsty young teenager. As an eighth-grader, I actually stood up on a stage and played a version of the guitar solo on my flute. I was later told that I inspired a fifth-grader or two to take up the flute.

Anyway… This blahg entry is not really about music, it is about chipmunks. Chipmunks in the house, in particular.

The beach urchin Lizard Breath spent Saturday night in the Back Room here and she was awakened early by scurrying noises in the chimney and/or the crawl space underneath the Back Room. Ha ha ha ha ha! We all laughed.

This morning. I walked out into the back room and there was a chipmunk! Or was there? It scooted quickly out of sight… It took me a while to process what was going on. My first thought was that the chipmunk was outside. But it seemed to be on top of the logs we have next to the fireplace and I also heard a metallic kind of thunk like it may have hit the screen in front of the fireplace. What did I see?

I almost texted the GG that there was a chipmunk in the Landfill. But still I questioned myself. I left for work… Halfway thru the day, The GG called. From home. Unusual. He was looking for some papers that *he* had misplaced. I was annoyed. But then he said, “By the way, there is a chipmunk in the house.” Yes…

Later… The GG was wandering around the Landfill contemplating ways for chipmunks to get inside and what to bait the live trap with, etc. He went down to the Dungeon, where we have a few traps set up for mus musculus. And there was the chipmunk, dead. Too big for a mousetrap but apparently, he tripped several of those and then died in the vicinity. The GG hauled the carcass up and I did *not* take a picture of it (you’re welcome). Rest in peace, Chippy.

5 Responses to “Outside In”

  1. isa Says:


  2. Margaret Says:

    I wouldn’t like a chipmunk in my house! Glad the problem is resolved. Inside out–all I can think of is a song by Genesis with Phil Collins singing. Love the song and it does have those lyrics.

  3. Jay Says:

    Sounds like you were transported to the cabin. The summer there were so many critters by the end of the summer that they would wake me up at night knocking stuff over in the old kitchen. I think there was a dead weasel inside next summer when the cabin was opened up. (Maybe it was just a squirrel.)

  4. jane Says:

    We had a chipmunk in the greenhouse many years ago. They’re so cute! and yet…. not supposed to be inside. Harry has a small have-a-heart trap, appropriate for chipmunks. In fact, it may have been that greenhouse chippy that we caught in the trap, put in the trunk, drove to the other side of the river to release it (at Gallup Park). He scooted out of the trap and we raced back home to see if we could beat him back. 😉

  5. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I loved that song! Brought back all KINDS of young teeny bopper memories.

    Ahh, poor chippy.