I married you for better or worse but not for…

oldcabinFill in the blank with whatever you want. It’s “lunch” in the old saying but lunch today was one of our better moments. Yer fav-o-rite blahgger had the brilliant idea to internet order tuna sandwiches from Barry Bagels. The internet said, “orders will be ready in approximately 25 minutes”. So, the GG drove me over in the Frog Hopper, I by-passed the long ordering queue and went straight back to the order pick-up area and I was outta there in under a minute. Oh yes, I will do that again. Once home, he ate his sandwich back by The Mother Ship (I don’t know why I call it that since my laptop isn’t dependent upon it in any way). I ate mine sitting on the Green Couch looking out at the loverly brilliant sunshine. Colder than blue blazes though.

We weren’t fighting or anything although there have been a few rather “tense” moments this weekend (we were working on various tax prodjects). Post tax stuff, a full-fledged rummage ensued in the late afternoon, the object of which was a “camping umbrella”. It was eventually located “in a bag hanging on a doorknob”.

It is moments like this that I feel reaffirm my Relentless Positive Action Campaign to Reinvent The Landfill. It is similar to our wondrous governor #OneTermNerd’s campaign to “reinvent” Michigan. I may not have come up with that title but I began a slow and steady process of deacquistioning The Landfill maybe five/six years ago, when I decided I didn’t want the Beach Urchins to have to put a dumpster in the driveway some day. I have relentlessly and positively worked toward a simpler life in that time. I do not beat myself up when I have days or weeks or months or even years of backsliding. The point is to keep looking ahead and every little thing counts. Stuff happens and when you are making 5-hour emergency trips to the yooperland, you have very little control over your life and you have to accept that your deacquistioning prodject might take a few steps backward.

I think that Relentless Positive Action is a wonderful slogan for deacquisitioning The Landfill, but not so much for Michigan, although that could well be because I totally disagree with many of the ill-thought-out bills the guv’nor has hastily signed into law. I wish #OneTermNerd would run up against as much resistance in his campaign as I sometimes do. “You are getting rid of *that*?” Sigh… I think if we own fewer possessions, we will be able to find those that we do own (and care about) more quickly. But, as we say in the web design world, “It’s an iterative process.”

This weekend? A small bit of progress but not much. Lots of phone solitaire, fer kee-reist. I hate when I get onto solitaire jags but I have, off and on, my whole life. Cards. You know, regular cards that had to be shuffled. Ancient Mac-Plus computer application. Phone app. I can forget about solitaire for *years* and then all of a sudden I re-discover the app on my phone and I am hooked again. Enough hooked that I don’t even work on the NYT xword, which is my usual vice. Gah. KW, get ahold of yerself! Still, it filled some cracks of time and acted as a stress reducer…

2 Responses to “I married you for better or worse but not for…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My house isn’t junky, but I’m pretty sure that my kids will need a dumpster anyway. (for the stuff in the garage mainly)

  2. Jay Says:

    Right now I am working toward – it either gets packed or it leaves. (Except the piano.)