It’s winter (yes, still) and this is Michigan…

springbreakbeachMy problems today are first-world problems. My house is warm and has reliable lucky-shucky and running hot water and The Blue and Only Toilet and its friends. There are two late-model vee-hickles in the driveway. I cannot tell you how many computing devices we own at this point. Tre-guuuuuurrrrtha!

Still, I was out of sorts today. All day. It isn’t only that I am still coughing out the cold virus that hit me last week, although that was annoying. And yes, I am fine. I had a wonderful 3-mile walk this morning and I returned from that greatly exhilarated..

Sigh. Football players and rape. Again. Yes, Steubenville. Y’know, why is it that we (as a society, I mean) continue to elevate children (yes, children) who happen to be good at an athletic sport into the realm of heroes?

When I was a little kid, I really wanted to be a popular high school girl, homecoming queen and dating the quarterback or whoever. I never did that. I was never that “cool”. By the time I was actually *in* high school, I kind of didn’t cared. I had Bad Boyfriend (a cross-country runner) and then, in junior year, I started to date a college freshman who had graduated from my high school two years ahead of me. He was a great boyfriend although we ultimately broke up. Still, I was really not homecoming queen material…

In the last few years, I have reconnected with some of my high school class including a few people who were on the football team. What do I remember about those old football players? When we did the musical play “Hello Dolly” and some of these guys were recruited as waiters. I played flute and piccolo (and most of the violin parts — on my flute, don’t ask) in the pit and every time those football player / waiters galumphed across the stage with their rubber chickens and stuff we all laughed like crazy. I am sure that none of those particular football players have ever raped anyone. They are wonderful guys. I am glad to be friends with them now and so sorry that I didn’t get to know them better back in the day.

The thing is that I understand the culture of a small town and how important sports can be. Football games in my town were fun and exciting (even though I didn’t really know what was going on). But rape is never okay. I saw a few of the original Steubenville videos and I was amazed that these kids would actually think it was okay to put them out on social media. Say what? You are video-ing what? What the hell are you doing? What were these kids thinking? Where were all the parents?

I may not have always been the best parent but I will doubt that anything resembling a rape ever happened here in The Landfill. I’m not sure what I did but apparently it’s not all that hard to raise daughters who have enough self esteem to be uninterested in the attention of some popular football player.

2 Responses to “It’s winter (yes, still) and this is Michigan…”

  1. Tonya Watkins Says:

    I wrote about this today in my blog, too.

    What I remember about the football players in high school was this: The U.S. History teacher was an assistant football coach and so of course all the football players flocked to his class (we could choose our teachers). A number of them were dumb as a box of rocks, and many of them hardly ever showed up for class. But he passed every one of them with a C+ so they could remain on the football team and I remember feeling really pissed off about that.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Who was it, Tonya? I’m blanking! Rape is atrocious behavior for any athlete or person. Also atrocious is how many people condone it. 🙁