24 hours in paradise

Actually, I was about an hour east from the beautiful town of Paradise. I was on Fin Family Moominbeach and I was there for approximately 24 hours. Whoof! Drove to Houghton Lake after work on Friday. Dragged myself out at 0-dark-30 Saturday morning to drive the rest of the way up. Hung out with Uber Kayak Woman, Radical Betty, Green Guy, Froggy, Moley, and some grumbly grunchy sorta beloved guy that made an after dark appearance. Beach-walked, trespassed, nonagenarian photographer’s retrospective open house at Alberta House Olive Craig gallery, bugged The Commander for a bit, explored the Claybanks area, or re-exlored in my case but I never get tired of re-exploring that area. Back to the beach in time for cocktails while watching the sundown. Up this morning, back to Houghton Lake to forage a quick lunch and then home.

One never quite knows what the weather will be like anywhere in the Great Lake State at any given time in October (or any month, actually) and that goes about quadruple for Fin Family Moominbeach. So I had every kind of clothing including my ski jacket along with me. I didn’t need it. It was absolutely, positively, drop-dead gorgeous! Just cool enough that socks and a polartech vest were comfortable in the setting sun.

Click here or on the picture for 24 photos of my 24 hours. These photos have all been web optimized and have lost quite a bit in the process. The originals are gorgeous. No kudos to the amateur photographer, the angle of the light and the fall color are responsible. Hmmm… Maybe I should take an actual photography class from someone who actually knows what they are doing. Yaknow, so I could actually learn how to do this stuff right! I have to wonder what kind of career that kind of experiment might lead to… But I’ll stick with what I have for the foreseeable future.

Kayak Boomerang Woman

P.S. Er, yes I know that Dennis’s outhouse is in there twice. I’m too taaaarrrred to fix it. Anyway, outhouses are important even if they only get used during plumbing emergencies.

One Response to “24 hours in paradise”

  1. Tonya Says:

    Your pictures are utterly gorgeous! #20 takes my breath away! We just don’t get a whole lot of those splashes of autumn colors around here because of all the Evergreens.