Those were NOT text messages, they were tweets!

Sheesh! Those slackers over at the EPA have Columbus Day off and that’s today. Actually, I think it really *is* today. For once, I think the bank holiday falls on the actual date for Columbus Day rather than an arbitrarily chosen Monday of proximity. [Update re Dogmomster: the real Columbus Day is Oct. 12th.] Or, if you are certain misguided Planet Ann Arbor council members, you might wanna call it Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead. And maybe there should be such a holiday but that idea got shouted down pretty fast in the city council because it really wasn’t pertinent to the mechanics of running a city. You know, garbage pickup and snow removal and road repair and all the rest. Anyway, the GG didn’t have to drive home from the Great White North until today and, when I got home from work, I was mystified as to his whereabouts. His vee-hickle was here. His junk was here. The front door was locked but the back sliders were open. Hmmmm. Did a pile of old lucky-shuckial cyberbeasties collapse on him down in the dungeon or what? Dare I look down there?

I did the usual thing and tried calling his cellular telephone. Twice I was shunted off to voicemail. Then I texted. No response. I waited a bit and finally tried his cell again. This time, he answered. His response? “Well, I texted a few times!” Say what? I had received *no* text messages. I finished skimming the Planet Ann Arbor Snooze and then I faaaarrred up my MacBook and there was Twitter sitting there. With three tweets from you-know-who: 1) “Walking across Ann Arbor – It’s Summer. Right?” 2) “Downtown.” 3) “You are spacified.” Okay. I am ecstatic to be spacified but I do NOT have Twitter set up to tweet my cell phone and twittering at me is going to do me no good unless I am using my cyberbeastie AND looking at Twitter. Sheesh!

Anyway, one of my Twitters this morning was probably a bit cryptic: “Why does this have to be so frackin’ hard?” I guess most of my Twitters are pretty cryptic. I tend to “tweet” when I find myself in some totally bizarre situation that can’t be described so I don’t even try. Or when somebody thunders something really bizarre, like the other night, “Whaddya been eatin’? Space bugs?” and a couple other ones. I won’t say who I quoted there. A few of you who go way (WAY) back with me might guess. And yes, we were a bit tipsy. Drunk twittering. Sorry. Um. Yeah.

But that tweet this morning about being frackin’ hard had to do with the fact that I am working on a little photographic prodject (yes, I know that is misspelled, it’s intentional) and it has been one headache after another and now I am fighting World War III with a dern scanner! And various waaarrrs and plugs and things. I am actually pretty dern good at image processing. I even have four (count ’em) college-level courses in that subject under my belt. But I could not get the one blasted scanner that I NEED to USE for this particular prodject to TURN ON for the LIFE OF ME! This morning. I was using it a couple weeks ago. I THINK everything is plugged in correctly. IT WILL NOT TURN ON!!! ‘course, with the snake pit of waaaarrrs underneath that particular cyberbeastie and the heap of stuff that plugs into it, who the heck knows whether I have it plugged in correctly or not. Except that I don’t remember UNplugging it.

So, when YOU get home (and you know who you are), will you PLEASE troubleshoot the snake pit and get that frackin’ blasted scanner working again? Thank you!

4 Responses to “Those were NOT text messages, they were tweets!”

  1. isa Says:

    did you try just connecting scanner to computer via usb (or whatever) cable? sometimes that is all it takes…

  2. kayak woman Says:

    hahaha! The cables were okay. That blasted wall lucky-shuckial switch was off. I hate that thing. I thought about it this morning but I didn’t know which of the powerstrips it connects to and I didn’t wanna do a hard shut-down on the iMac. Although I am not really afraid to do hard shut-downs. Just didn’t have the time to have the patience to trouble-shoot it. And I HATE snake pits! Always have.

  3. Dog Mom Says:

    BTW – the “real” Columbus Day is Oct 12….Sunday.

    So them thar Guvvinment Types continue to get “free” days off….while the rest of us slog through a work day with no mail service or guvvinment orifices open or ennythang.

  4. Pooh Says:

    I love the way the water drops bead up on the loon feather – good waterproofing!