Start your day right with a 24-egg omelet!

maesA little R & R today. You are as happy about that as I am. Gets my brain off news and polly-ticks and stuff. [grin]

Lemme see… Got up and took my 0-skunk-30 walk. 20 degrees or thereabouts but black ice was limited to a small (easily avoided) section of sidewalk at the end of my block by the entrance to the schoolyard / woods.

Picked up Mouse at her apartment 8:30-ish, then hit the freeway over to the other side of town…

…to Lizard Breath’s apartment.

Collected Liz and walked a few blocks up the alley along Woodward to Mae’s for breakfast. I had the huevos mexicanos. Oh don’t worry. I didn’t eat the whole thing. I took half of it home in a box so I can revisit the experience here in my own chitchen tomorrow morning.

Back to Lizard’s where Mouse cut my hair! A SUMMER HED O’ HAIR!! Man, my hair gets leggy in March. It is the *only* month out of the whole year that I feel like maybe some conditioner might help. And it was particularly looonnnnng this March. This morning. No more.

Haberman’s Fabrics via Liz’s car. For Mouse. Back when I sewed my own clothing, I used to easily succumb to the “crack” that a fabric addict finds in a true “fine fabric” store, i.e., *not* Joann Fabrics, which *is* what it *is* but is *not* a “fine fabric” store. My first “fine fabric” store was The Textile Shop across the International Bridge in Soo Ontario. It was where we bought the fabric for my first formal dress. The Commander made it for me and it’s one of the few dresses I still have from my childhood. (Fortunately I didn’t keep the boyfriend.) I once made a lot of my own clothing too but nowadays I order my clothes online from Chico’s or JJill and various other places. But I appreciate that one of my children likes to make at least some of her own clothing and is *better* at it than I was. And has much more elegant taste. That stuff skips a generation, I think.

Mouse, after paying for her stuff at Haberman’s, spied yet another interesting bolt of something but somehow we made it outta there more or less alive. Fabric stores, like Lake Superior, apparently have rip-tides. [grin]

I can’t quite describe the next stop and I can’t find a link to it. Many booths filled with homemade or vintage stuff or art made out of things people probably threw out of their parents’ / grandparents’ houses when they died. And here I am deacquisitioning stuff. Alas. [grin]. I did buy one thing though and the proprietor was able to take my credit card via her Square device. I know about Square but this was my first experience. So cool.

And no, I did not use my card to buy the 100-year-old baby beaver in a jar of formaldehyde (?). I was tempted but I couldn’t quite bring myself to purchase it. (Sorry, @tmotu.)

Anyway, not much of anything constructive done today but I needed a day like that!

3 Responses to “Start your day right with a 24-egg omelet!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hair trims are nice. My hair always feels so soft afterward. That’s a LOT of eggs. 🙂 Glad about the relaxing day.

  2. isa Says:

  3. Sarah Piazza Says:

    mmm… huevos mexicanos…

    sorry, what were you saying? 😉