Word of the day? How about blech?

crocusYeah, it was one of *those* days. I could kvetch about the weather (which really was blech) or complain that my regular hiking buddy is off gallivanting around somewhere in the southwest this weekend. But really, I only have meeeeeeee to blame for the blechness. As in, quit slodgin’ around and git offa yer dern keister, KW!

Got up a whole *hour* late!!! That means it was light when I *started* my walk this morning! The *plan* was to walk *early*, eat the rest of yesterday’s breakfast, then gas up the Frog Hopper and hit up the Jackson Rd. Meijer *early* before the crowds descended. You know, for things like toilet paper and laundry detergent that I can’t reasonably haul home from The Plum Market in my backpack. For whatever reason, I did not make that trip until about noon. I wasn’t totally idle during that time. I did a couple loads of laundry and cleaned The Blue and Only Bathroom. But still.

I decided (for about the umpteenth time) to attack paperwork this afternoon. I was relatively successful except for the three (or was it four) trips I made out to the driveway to put the latest vee-hickle registration forms into the Ninja and Frog Hopper. Unlock vee-hickles, fumble around in glove boxes, etc., lock vee-hickles. How can something like that be so blasted difficult? You do not want to know. Usability note to the Great Lake State: put the expiration date front and center and make the font HUUUUUGE! I can easily see fine print but I had to keep re-orienting myself to where the date was. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the most important piece of information on the document and it certainly does not stand out. (Of course, the fact that some people around here are loathe to throw out expired documents makes it harder to deal with paperwork in general but I’ll leave that rant for some other day (or never).)

A couple good non-blechy things!

When I finally kicked myself off of my iPhone and Burping Tregurtha (I think that’s gonna be my new MacBook Pro’s name, I wonder what The Engineer would think), I took the Long Cut (along the river) to get to the grokkery store and I found another new nature preserve to explore. I didn’t explore it today but I’ll be back.

And yes, there are crocuses (croci?) coming up in the “garden”. That’s definitely a good thing. What is bothering me is that these are very very old crocuses that were here when we bought The Landfill way back when. I planted a whole bunch of crocus bulbs last fall and I see no evidence that they exist…

But still. Something is growing again.

One Response to “Word of the day? How about blech?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yep, some days are just blech. But working to make them more positive is good. I don’t know the plural of crocus; I’ll have to check. Mine have been and gone. For next year I’d like to plant daffodils. 🙂