I don’t do networks…

ojibwaySigh… Once upon a time, I owned a printer that plugged directly into my 2003 12-inch screen G4 powerbook. I could print anything whenever I wanted to. Life was good. Eventually we went waarrrless here at the Landfill. For a long time, that was okay too. My laptop could “see” the waaarrrless printer and therefore print to it. I’m not sure when things went south but it has been forever since my laptop has been able to “see” the waaarrrless printer. That means that I can’t print anything. Well, not without going into the frickin’ snake pit, unplugging a waaaarrrr from the back of the damn Mother Ship and plugging it in to the airport or whatever that white thing is.

Look. I am not stoopid. At least not always. I am a systems analyst. But I DO NOT DO NETWORKS!!!! Oh, I will pony up at work if I decide I don’t want to be viewed as “girly”. Not that anyone there thinks I am “girly”. Weird, maybe… When we had a strange day of “half-power” earlier this winter and my regular power source was dead, FZ yelled over the wall to check out other outlets. What other outlets? Four of them, as it turned out… We have huge cubes… I hit the floor and plugged / unplugged like crazy until I found an outlet that worked. I hope no one who happened to walk by was offended by my baggy old butt mooning them from under my cube.

Still, it seems to me that the printing services here at The Landfill have deteriorated over the years. It kind of reminds me of my [beloved] father-in-law, a [very talented] old-skool mechanical engineer. It always seemed like there was a note on his TV to the effect of “Do not touch”. Okay, how *do* you run the dern TV if you can’t touch the dial? There may or may not have been a remote control involved in this… And then there were the clocks up at Houghton Lake. One of them had a note saying, “Clock is dead, do not run.” Balancing that out (maybe) was the “It’s always five o’clock somewhere” clock. It didn’t run but then, it wasn’t *designed* to run. [hee hee hee]

If I have to plug and unplug cables, I guess I will, sigh. Just seems like (in 2013) this should not have to be an issue.

3 Responses to “I don’t do networks…”

  1. TMOTu Says:

    I don’t do networks either.

  2. Sam Says:

    The Guru spent some time yesterday and got the neighbors’ printer working with all machines via their wireless network. It’s going around?

  3. Margaret Says:

    I’m not even exactly sure what a network is…lots of computers joined together in holy(or unholy) matrimony? 😉