Dragging along behind the Easter Bunny

reflectionsWe used to have a real Easter bunny at work in the form of a six-foot pink stuffed bunny that sat outside Broosie’s cube for a couple months surrounding Easter. Pink Bunny would arrive sometime after Snowy and Snowy left for the summer. Some people were not crazy about Pink Bunny and, after Broosie moved to a new cube that was arguably more in the “public” eye, an email went out advising that people should leave “weird holiday decorations” at home. I understand aiming for a modicum of professionalism but I never minded Big Pink Bunny. After all, Froggy visits the office occasionally for frog-type holly-days like Halloween and St. Paddy’s Day (and gets invited to meetings and luncheons and drunken bashes and things). Also, “public” is kind of a mis-nomer because almost *nobody* besides maintenance-type people *ever* come in from the outside and the few actual clients who do come in usually show early on that they are just as eccentric as those of us that work there and totally understand that some people need to haul huge pink rabbits to work with them. Harmless eccentricities are part of what makes life worth living.

Anyway, the Easter Bunny, in the form of a friendly executive at the mother ship, kicked us all out at two this afternoon. Man did we need that! Also, there was this bizarre bright light in the sky. None of us could quite figure out what it was but I was sitting waaaaayyy in the back of Barry Bagels this morning and it was blinding me even back there. But it felt soooo gooood!

It’s been a few weeks since I walked downtown on a Friday afternoon. The original plan was the usual one, dinner at the Oscar Tango. We switched to the Grizzly Peak brewery though because we invited someone who has got to have extreme cabin fever due to a broken knee. I cannot even imagine. Well, actually I *can* imagine — that’s why YakTrax are “consumables” for me in the winter (although this particular accident didn’t turn out to be ice-related). Anyway, we all realized that the steps at our beloved OT are not all that accessible even with a walking cast. We’ll get back there soon but the Grizzly accommodated our needs very graciously, even waiving their requirement that only parties of more than four can get reservations.

A chance encounter with L the Rake’s mom outside the Grizzly (she had also eaten there) and then a gorgeous ride along the river and down through farmland and forest topped off the evening. And then home to the Landfill. Lots of weekend plans! Hope yours is a good one!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve had lots of friends who have broken or sprained things lately too–hope it’s not a trend. Glad that the weather and weekend are looking positive!