Annoyances, mostly first-world (you’ve been warned…)

pineappleI got this “nasty” corporate-speak letter from the bank that says I have to change one of my accounts to some other loverly plan to avoid a $25-a-month fee. ($25 a month? Say what?) It’s an account for people over 50 and I didn’t understand the rest. It’s one of The Comm’s old accounts. Do they realize that *IIIIIIIIII* am also over 50? Kee-reist. I tried to call them (I HATE TO MAKE PHONE CALLS) this afternoon and sat waiting listening to some musak that sounded it was taped somewhere underwater. I waited for about five minutes and then I bagged it. Sigh. I suppose I could have put my phone on speaker and bustle around until someone actually answered it. But I got annoyed and didn’t. (And to those of you who are OCD about this kind of stuff… Yes, I probably shouldda gotten in there and figgered out all this stuff before the damn bank sent me a letter. I didn’t. I suspect I won’t burn in hell for that.)

I get annoyed when people talk over me when I am trying to answer a question that has been directed to me.

I am annoyed at the NRA. Yes, sorry all you gun guys. Just remember that *IIIIIII* am a gun owner too, roight? Okay, again. *How* are we gonna fund the training and the background checks and all of the *stuff* that surrounds putting armed guards in every school? Here in the god-forsaken Great Lake State, even “rich” districts like The Planet Ann Arbor are cutting education back to the damn bone. We need to fund TEACHERS, not security guards.

As my old friend Master W once said, as horrible as events like Newtown and Aurora and VA Tech and 9/11 are, they are kind of like acts of god (think Katrina and Sandy, etc., etc.). No matter how much we try to be prepared, we cannot ever truly prepare. Because every hurricane and every terrorist attack and every school shooting is different and we don’t ever know who/what is coming down the pike next. This is a complex problem and I do not know what the answer is but armed guards in every school in the country is probably not the answer. Unless the NRA is gonna convince its members to pay for all of this? Roight? If I have it right, the folks who are big NRA supporters are also somewhat aligned with the shrink-government party. Again, I do not think that putting armed guards in the schools will shrink the government… … …

I am annoyed at man ‘splainin’ too (“well, you see, it’s like this, [insert little cute person’s name] yada yada yada”). I do not get man ‘splained at work and I haven’t experienced much of it outside of work recently, thank you god or whatever. I am ambivalent about reaching the age of 90 someday. I don’t wanna die anytime soon but I have seen what 90 is up close and personal and I will not be happy about relinquishing my vibrantly independent style of living. But I do declare that, if and when I do reach that age, I will tell all man ‘splainers to go directly to hell… Do not pass go… Do not collect $200 (or whatever it is). In fact, I think I may not wait until I am 90. I think I will do it now… … …

I am annoyed at the frickin’ weather! 21 degrees (Fahrenheit) this morning. I am done with these cold temperatures. At least the damn black ice is gone. Thank you god or whoever.

Sorry. I was cranky today…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Many of these are huge issues though, like the guards in the schools. You stated it very we’ll so I don’t need to go on(another) rant today! 🙂

  2. Margaret Says:

    Damn auto correct on my tablet! Well not we’ll