Soccery Blue!

yuckLemme tell you, I was uttering worse oaths than soccery blue today. Lemme count the ways…

First, when I went for my walk this morning, it was windy *and* raining cats and dogs. My feet were sopping wet by the time I had walked 10 feet into the schoolyard and I was hanging on to my umbrella for dear life. And swearing a blue streak.

Work was just peachy until I walked out at two in the afternoon. No, I didn’t get mad and leave, I took a wee bit of paid time off to go home and get ready to head north later in the afternoon. Windy and colder than blue blazes as I walked out to my vee-hickle and I was swearing a blue streak.

Okay. The I75 SUV Speedway today? Suck suck suckity suck. Started out okay. 38 degrees and dry roads until, oh I dunno, just about the Zilwaukee Bridge maybe? At least that’s about the first time I noticed any kind of precipitation. It was just kind of misty stuff at that point and the roads were still dry but I was a little spooked and fighting to get zeee veeeendsheeeeeld vipers at exactly the right setting (and swearing a blue streak).

Rainier and rainier and rainier and then after we made the jog over away from Saginaw Bay, the road was reeeeeallly wet and I felt uncertain about what was actually underneath my taaarrrrs, an uncertainty that turned into a case of white knuckles as I noticed that all of the trees and bushes at the side of the road were coated with ice and the rain was *noisy* — like ice pellets — and it was WINDY. Despite the passenger’s protests, I slowed down to around 60, swearing a blue streak. I didn’t want to take any chances but still, for a long time, I think the road was mainly wet and I may have been a bit overcautious.

The conditions suddenly got messier and then, within the space of a couple miles, at least three vee-hickles were off the road, including one that definitely passed me maybe five miles back. Guess what? EVERYBODY slowed down. Apparently they finally realized that Mother Nature meant serious business? Except maybe not because I still saw people yapping on their cell phones… I made it as far as West Branch, where we got gas and the GG took over driving and then we trundled along at around 45 mph for the last 60 miles or whatever it is to Chloe Belle’s house in Gaylord.

Tomorrow we’re moving on to Sault Ste. Siberia, which is supposed to get 5-8 inches or whatever. We sure picked a wonderful spring weekend to travel to the north country. Soccery blue! And good night.

3 Responses to “Soccery Blue!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    HATE if I think I’m traveling on ice! I’m glad you got to slow down and take it easier. Stay safe and warm!!

  2. l4827 Says:

    An adventure going northbound. It will be nice in the North Country for a few. Changing climates can be refreshing. Of course a ‘Hatten or ‘Tinni can also be refreshing. With or without snow. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  3. Sam Says:

    Fresh snow on the peaks around us as we traveled today, but we only saw a very few raindroplets on the windshield…. Sometimes, remember, the desert smells like rain….