This is Michigan and it’s… uh… spring?

ojibwayThere are so many days that my life is so boring that I don’t have a clue what to write about. Get up, take a walk, eat breakfast, do some chores, go to work, come home, do some chores, maybe walk to the Plum Market, cook dinner, blaaaaaahhhhhhggggg… … … Oh that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of interesting things going on in my life. It’s just that most of it falls into that loverly category of I-can’t-blahg-about-it. Like all of the crazy (funny) stuff that happens at work or polly-tickal rants or my deeeeeeep thoughts about everything under the sun. (Actually, I thought I had written a version of this as a comment on Margaret’s latest blog entry but I must not have hit the post button.)

But then there are days (like today) when all kinds of things happen and it gets to be almost 10 PM EDT and I sit here in front of my loverly little MacBook Pro going b’dah b’dah b’dah b’dah… How do I process today and what do I write about and will I make any sense? If I were better organized and didn’t work full time at a job that requires, uh, a whole bunch of technical writing, I would try to work an “exciting” weekend like this one into a “mini-series” of stories that I could write about throughout the next week or so. Instead you get a brain dump. Like this…

Drove up from Gaylord today on increasingly worsening roads. Y’know, when it gets to be mid-April, if we get significant snow on The Planet Ann Arbor, even though I am the Chief of the Black Ice Police, I don’t salt or even shovel my sidewalk because it usually all melts within about twelve hours. The Planet Ann Arbor probably puts its snowplows away in March, not that they do more than a cursory plowing job even in January. Up here in the Yooperland, the plows are still out. There is a ton of snow and it looks like January.

It is snowing again tonight. When will it stop? The GG says, “The back of winter doesn’t feel broken yet.” He means throughout the Great Lake State and I agree with him. I am weary. When will it end? Last year we opened up the moomincabin in April. I doubt that’s gonna happen this year. We didn’t get out there today. Tomorrow morning we’ll go and see how deep the snow drifts are.

P.S. The building in the photoooo is the Hotel Ojibway, where we’re staying tonight. When I was a little kid, this was one of the “fancy” hotels in town. It is so surreal to be staying here after a lifetime of driving and/or walking past the place. This time I know where the ice musheen is…

3 Responses to “This is Michigan and it’s… uh… spring?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The first part of your post sounded a lot like mine, then I read the rest. I missed out on a comment from you? Dang. That snow looks awful. I am so much out of that mood when “spring” rolls around.

  2. Sarah Piazza Says:

    We are *finally* done with snow here.
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, eh, Winter?

  3. Sam Says:

    We’re staying in a clean, well-maintained (both hugely important ANYWHERE), low-end motel (modified modular trailer sections, I think) in Mancos CO, no ice machine, and the snow is only on the peaks surrounding us (partially)…. Still, in the 40s this morn here at this elevation.