Narrowly avoiding tragedy on the I94 18-wheel Clogway (and other adventures)

projectorheadHeading home on State Street, driving over the I94 18-wheel Clogway, I always glance to make sure the westbound lanes are clear before I get on the entrance ramp. They usually are and they were today. I have about a five-mile drive on the freeway and everything was all right until the freeway bridge over Liberty Street came into view. That’s when a big tandem trailer ahead of me started fishtailing all over the place. Yiiiy! Dry pavement, 50 degrees (aka no black ice). There was an SUV more than a few car-lengths ahead of me. I downshifted to 5th gear just in case something ugly happened. It didn’t but I stayed well behind the whole thing until I got off a mile later. The truck slowed down but not without a bit more fishtailing. I hope that truck and all of the other vee-hickles it encounters on the road make it to their destinations safely. I was shaking when I got off at the Jackson Road exit.

Fun times. Margaret had a fun link on her blog today. What famous author do you write like? I threw yesterday’s blahg entry into the analyzer and the answer was…. Margaret Mitchell? Now. Does that mean that I am a wondrous writer? Or does it mean that Margaret Mitchell is, ahem, not?

Seriously, I don’t really care if I am a great writer or not. I think that I have some decent writing skills (and so does my boss or I wouldn’t be employed) but I have never had any creative writing aspirations. In fact, I was always surprised when my teachers and professors, etc., thought that I had any kind of talent at all. But in every job I have ever had, my writing/communication skills have been extremely important to my success. (Note to public schools…)

My blahg is just my blahg. Being me and being [sometimes] a perfectionist, I do my best to write coherently. I know the difference between there/their/they’re but sometimes when I am galumphing along, I type the wrong version of that homophone and end up correcting it the next day. Jeesh. What would Mrs. Bishop (beloved 2nd grade teacher) think? I do know that she wouldn’t banish me to the hall.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I intend to play around with that site some more! Just for fun. It entertains me. 🙂 Your freeway experience sounds terrifying; I hate driving on the freeway since my work commute is 7 minutes over country roads.