Oh bla di oh bla dah life goes on…

327Probably should’ve added that I don’t really like the song in the title. The Twinz of Terror had a birthday today. They turned (ulp) 59. I hit that milestone back in January. This birthday was harder for me than *any* previous birthday. I don’t really think it was the number so much as the fact that, without The Commander around, I know that I am “next”. I’m not planning on leaving this god-forsaken life any time soon but my parents are gone and somehow that has made me contemplate the next stage of my life with a bit more focus. And some denial.

That said… Today was a wonderful day. I walked downtown after work and met up with The GG at the Oscar Tango and then we moved over to the Grizzly Peak for dinner with the beach urchins and NpJane and THEN to this loverly barrrooom over in Kerrytown for a drink called Mr. Michigan. I GOT CARDED THERE. I. GOT. CARDED. THERE. To be fair, this is how it went down. The waitress asked Lizard Breath for her ID. LB looks younger than her late 20-something years and is accustomed to this routine. Waitress eyeballed Mouse and recognized her as a previous customer who knits and didn’t actually card her. I — jokingly — said to the waitress, “I wouldn’t be insulted if you asked me for my ID.” She said, “Actually, I *was* going to ask you if I could see your ID.” And so I dredged the derned thing out. It was very dark in that place and I guess she couldn’t exactly see my face.

I have been feeling old lately. Not in the sense that I have aches and pains or am forgetting things or whatever. Just, kee-reist, 59? What? Facing down the big 6-0. Enjoying the extremely hard-earned bits of wealth that are gained after many years of work while wishing I could grab my 20-year-old self by the shoulders and shake some sense into her.

We are not 20-something any more but we are not finished yet. We are still hiking and x-c skiing and kayaking and galumphing back and forth to the Great White North. And working! And (knock on wood) we’ll be doing that for quite some time to come.

Happy birthday to the Twinz of Terror!

3 Responses to “Oh bla di oh bla dah life goes on…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a great time, although I winced about the 59 which was my husband’s age when he died. WAY too young and and I really wanted to give him a big 60th birthday party. I would have thought he had many more years. 🙁 Carpe diem.

  2. l4827 Says:

    HBGG!!!!! OMG! U R CATCHING UP WITH l4827. Happy 60 – 1, or 20 plus

  3. jane Says:

    but 60 is the new 40! 😉 lots of “beers on the beach” left. (and I didn’t get carded….)