Commuting by kayak.

Or not. I have done that a few times in my dreams. I have bizarre dreams. In one of them, I was kayaking to *high school* — yes, I was back in high school — across Fin Family Moominbeach bay, through slush. My “high school” was on Cedar Point. I did not have to kayak all the way to Sault Ste. Siberia. I guess that dream was a composite of some of my usual haunts, which primarily involve bizarre shoreline changes and real-estate developers with a few traveling-type nightmares and some ghosts thrown in. I actually had a *good* dream last night, something about receiving $10,000 from our house insurance company to redo the kitchen and being able to use $9000 of it free and clear, no strings attached. Yeah KW. In your dreams. Sheesh, where’d that come from?

I don’t commute by kayak though. I commute by Honda Express. I was ready for today to end. I spent the entire day perusing a bazillion-page document that directly affects my own upcoming bazillion page document and it was interesting for about five hours and then… Not really the best thing for a Friday afternoon. But that isn’t interesting enough to blahg about. And then I got home and the A2 Snooze had all kinds of things in it that I thought were interesting: PiHi students getting suspended for publishing a satiric newspaper, autistic kids (anywhere) being put in time-out rooms (read: closets) for “misbehavior”, and the MEAP test, and I fergit what else, which is probably a good thing. I have opinions about those things but I don’t have a whole lot of experience or expertise, so I think I will siddown, shaddup, and read (write?) for the time being.

But my commute home today was gorgeous. I drive by our little airport every day and I am fascinated by watching its traffic. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t take much. Our airport accommodates a lot of light planes and the occasional charter jet. Sometimes there’s a helicopter or a blimp. I know very little about flying planes but I did fly with my dad a lot when I was a kid, so I am aware that planes are directed to take off and land in different directions or on different runways. Wind direction and what not. Today was a red-letter day! On my commute home, I watched a beautiful charter-type jet land and several prop planes of various sizes take off. I even rolled my window down so I could hear the sound of the jet taxi-ing (whoooooosh) and the smaller planes taking off.

I did *not* take this photo while driving by the A2 airport. When I drive by the airport, I am usually in stop-and-go traffic and if I started taking pictures, I might rear-end someone. Not a good thing. I took the pic up on Fin Family Moominbeach back in September. I *think* it is one of those fire-fighting planes. Not sure. Ontario anyway. Update: I was right (of course!) but I was too lazy to look it up. But the ever inquisitive Dogmomster was channeling the Engineer, so she did and it is indeed a firefighting plane. They sometimes practice in the upper St. Mary’s and this one was shooting landings but not scooping water, at least not that I saw.

4 Responses to “Commuting by kayak.”

  1. Dog Mom Says:

    The Engineer would take one look and tell ya what kind of plane it is. From what “learnin'” I got from him, I can tell ya it’s one-a those planes that can land on bodies of water as well as on land. With the single engine mounted high on *top* of the wings, The Engineer might even venture to say “it’s a Lake” (at least I *think* that’s what he’d’ve said, altho my impression is that the “Lakes” I’ve seen have had a rounder fuselage…I could be wrong, I’m not The Engineer, after all 😉 ).

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    OK, I sit corrected…. that aircraft in your photo was manufactured by Bombardier

  3. Dog Mom Says:

    more specifically, the “Superscooper” (I *ADORE* that name!!). You were spot-on, Bananne, that it’s a firefighting aircraft!!

    …OK, I’m done “spamming” your comments!! LOL :LOL:

  4. Sam Says:

    Aha! Our “commute” today started in West Virginia and ended in Georgia, entirely in daylight. The whole way was in fall color (no notable airplane sightings), probably near peak at the north end and working toward peak color at the south end. Still, even with heavy overcast much of the way, and spitty precip as we got into Georgia, it was a gorgeous run. I hated that some of the road cuts were raw-new, with leaky coal seams and bare rock faces; I felt I was contributing to destructive paring of the landscape, and that made me uncomfortable…. Yet, the trees and shrubs were great autumnal eye-candy.