Yassa Poulet, robot eyes, and ferries from the past

Oh I dunno. Where was I? I am in a mess in this rickety old landfill. It was a beautiful day and I could’ve easily spent it hiking or raking leaves but Saturdays here on the Planet are work days. Days that I tink around with little stuff, cook ahead if I am inspired enough to and chip away at whatever shambling mound I’m currently trying to reduce. And that can vary wildly from week to week or day to day or moment to moment. There are just too many mounds upon mounds of shambling mounds.

So. What progress? I managed to chip away at extraneous paperwork. Shh! Do NOT tell the GG about this. He has printouts of computer programs from about the 1970s. The paper is yellow. And no, I did NOT throw any of those out. Then I got to working on the old electronical crap. I collected an old monitor, CPU, two printers, and a box full of keyboards and things to take to the recycling center. It didn’t akshully get TAKEN to the recycling center, mind you. Just collected into a “staging” area. And there’s more where that came from. AND. I found an Epson box and I thought, “I will just break that box up and recycle it.” Except when I opened the box, I found a PRINTER in pristine, never-been-used condition. A C84, just like the one we’re using now. Even the ink cartridges are in it. Wrapped in plastic. So if the economy keeps on tanking and the world as we know it ends and we are all foraging for food out in the forest, WE will have a brand spanking new printer!

And the photos… Boy howdy, how the heck did I get into this mess! I remember starting out putting all of our photos into albums of various sorts and saving the negatives in envelopes and labeling those envelopes with the year and sometimes even the month or whatever. I am not entirely sure when it all broke down. At some point, pictures stopped getting put into albums. And we would pirate pictures that WERE in albums for school projects and they would never quite get put back properly. It was okay, we had the negatives, right? Roight. Somewhere. And then we switched into digital photography and you would think that it would be easier to keep track of your photos if they were on your computer. But not.

And then. There are the photos and slides and negatives that I am taking a little bit at a time from The Commander to scan. I was scanning some slides labeled something like “1952 logging” this afternoon and what popped up but the old car ferry that used to transport us across the Straits of Mackinac before the Mackinac Bridge got built. The ship’s name is, of all things, Vacationland. Which is a little weird for me since my whole life has been spent schlepping back and forth to and from the Yoop over the Straits of Mackinac. Vacation? Yes. And no. But it’s all okay and life is cool here on the Planet this weekend.

Fire in the backyard? Hike Bird Hills and Barton early tomorrow? Yeah.

Kayak Woman

2 Responses to “Yassa Poulet, robot eyes, and ferries from the past”

  1. Sam Says:

    Lemme know the junque fire schedule, and I’ll add a load to the pile. Stuff’s attracting roaches around here!

  2. Dog Mom Says:

    I was away from home for 13 hours today…. left 8AM to get game parking at MSU at the time *that* opened up at 9AM (yeah, I have a new favorite spot: the *new* Grand River Ave. Parking Garage!). LONG LONG DAY! I was actually pooped BEFORE the game started at 3:30-ish….OSU has some BIG football players, they kinda stomped all over the Spartans (embarrassing, actually).

    But! The Marching Bands NEVER lose! Thoroughly enjoyed the performances of both the SMB and the OSU band – probably the two best college marching bands in the country!! Yes, I’m gonna post pix of the SMB for each home game…someday. My Aunt Roberta (mother of an OSU Marcher) would be tickled, I’m sure 😉