In which…

Update: The Oklahoma death tolls are starting to roll in and I have to say that having a pontoon boat get blown upside down is *nothing* like losing the child you sent to school in the morning… … …

Earlier today we owned a boat. A loverly pontoon boat. One that could drive boatloads of folks to the tiki bar or the corner with the grokkery and liqwire stores or wherever. It’s not all that easy to see the beauteousness of this boat in this webcam photooo but there it is.


*Something* rolled through. Was it “one of those things that spiral and create great devastation” (oh, sigh, as the death tolls from Oklahoma start to roll in…) or just a big old straight-line wind? I’ll guess the latter. But I wasn’t there. And where is the boat?


Oh, there’s the boat!


The good news? No one was there (a neighbor took the last photo) and no one was harmed, including the neighbors, who were no doubt hunkering down during the storm.

Disclaimer: The GG and I do not own this boat alone. We own it jointly with a bunch of his siblings. And of course, despite what happened today, we all still own it…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    “Exciting” weather for you too? And your poor boat! 🙁