And now there’s a blasted stinging insect in the house…

eggLemme see… I lost a minor design skirmish at work today. I suspect the issue will return in the not-too-distant future but I decided to cut my losses for now and let it ride. I do know how to pick my battles [grin]. Er, let it ride. These guys are so cool. Bachman Turner Overdrive. From my youth. They are still going. Love it!

Then there was the homeward commute. Oh. My. God! My commute is almost exactly eight miles. I can use the I94 18-Wheel Slogway for five of those miles. Or not. Today, I left work and got to the stoplight at the entrance to Avis Farms Business Park and S. State Street and it was impossible to make the left turn I needed to make to get to the Slogway. Why? Because traffic was backed up all the way from Ellsworth and it seemed like only one or two vee-hickles were getting out per traffic light cycle. I bailed out and hung a right and went alllll the way down to Textile and over to Lohr and back up to Ellsworth. The next few traffic lights were kind of okay but then I got to that mess by the Westgate Kroger and traffic was backed up so badly I had to wait something like four lights to make a left turn there. Eventually I got home, schlepped over to @PlumMarket, which had tweeted that they had Copper River salmon (okay, be right there), home for a few chores and am *finally* settling down to the business of deciding which leftovers to heat up for dinner.

My commute is about to get precipitously worse. A new construction sign appeared yesterday afternoon. Alas, it did not say “Velociraptors afoot”. It said “Road construction begins June 3”. Sigh… That road construction is the replacement of the ridiculously busy S. State/Ellsworth intersection with a big traffic circle (among other things). Traffic circles seem to be all the rage around here these days. I don’t have a coherent opinion about them. I *get* that they are supposed to allow traffic to flow more smoothly and eliminate t-bone style accidents. I also think that a lot of people don’t know how to use them (and/or are yapping on their cell phones). I am always extra wary. We’ll see if this one is an improvement. The construction process will definitely be a nightmare. I can work from home but I can’t do that all summer (and don’t want to)!

So now, here I am, watching warily as a stinging insect (hornet? wasp? I dunno) tries to figure out how to get OUT(OUTOUTOUT) of The Landfill via the screen in the Chitchen window. No buddy, that is not gonna work. I don’t want to kill him but I’m not sure how to direct him outside without getting stung, which I really don’t want to deal with tonight (and no, I am NOT allergic so no advice needed on that topic). I have left the side back slider open for him (for now) but with much trepidation because: 1) I do not want any OTHER stinging insects (or moe-skee-toes) in my house and 2) I do not want any SHIRRELS/SIRKERS/SQUIRRELS/SCREEEEECH in my house!

Some people are probably toasting me with ‘hattans at the Green Cabin up in the yooperland. Skoal to you guys too. I miss you. And the Beautiful Green Cabin. I’m going to the yooperland myself in a few days. Right now? I haven’t even left for the yooperland and I’m already feeling that “behind” kind of feeling that I get whenever I get *back* from the yooperland or Houghton Lake or wherever. I neeeeeed an apparation app!

Photo credit to the GG, who found this beautiful egg on the bank at the moominbeach.

4 Responses to “And now there’s a blasted stinging insect in the house…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Traffic–yuck. I am ashamed of my measly commute of 7 minutes over country roads. I am frustrated if I get stuck behind a school bus(my own fault because I’ve left too late), but never encounter a hint of traffic. Road work is another story though! I loved BTO!! And Copper River salmon is the best. Yum.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Mark calls on me to get rid of stinging insects, because he IS allergic. If your wasp/hornet/etc. is still there or returns, take a glass or a jelly jar, and a thin stiff object, like a piece of cardboard or a large spatula. (no holes) Trap the insect against the screen with the glass, then slide the spatula, underneath the jar, trapping it inside. Take it outside, and carefully release the insect away from your house.

  3. jane Says:

    My friend works just off the intersection there — during construction it’s going to be AWFUL! And my experience with traffic circles tells me that this one will be too small. ok – that’s not happy news.

    On the insect front – just kill the darn thing!

    On the cabin front — I’m thinking of going up the weekend of June 1 or June 7 to open the cabin if the weather isn’t too bad. Will anyone from your section of the family want to go up those weekends?

  4. isa Says:

    @jane I would! But on those weekends I have a bachelor party and a wedding to attend, respectively.