39 and counting…

moominCounting up or down? I don’t know. I suspect the temperature will get colder overnight. I pulled the flat of impatiens the GG bought for me to pot in honor of The Commander into the chitchen for overnight. Apparently impatiens here in the yooperland are not in danger of mold. We’ll see. I have some I’m gambling on down there on The Planet Ann Arbor too.

I had a little list of things to pack for the moomincabin. “Hat” was one of those things and so I packed my big summer beach/kayaking hat. Somehow this morning, a little voice said something like, “What about your ski band? And maybe you’ll need some glubs — that is, other than the Old Coot’s choppers that are hanging around the moomincabin. And so I grabbed some of those things and boy oh boy was I happy I did. It was in the 60s when I walked on The Planet Ann Arbor this morning. It was 44 on the Mackinac Bridge. I was still bare-legged with sandals on. “Need to dredge up some socks” was the text accompanying my typical north-bound Big Mac bridge photo. Posted safely from the rest area immediately north of the bridge.

I did walk the beach this afternoon. I had my ski-band and my glubs on and a scarf and wool socks (and sandals) and a wool/silk turtleneck and two layers of polartech. I needed every bit of that. I didn’t pack my ski jacket. I decided that if it got cold enough that I needed that thing, I would bag walking. Or walk the road or whatever.

This place is kind of a mess. I don’t remember it being so messy when we packed it up last fall but it probably was. But I know that it was a whole lot *less* messy last fall than it was the fall before (and the fall before that). The last few years have been crazy and I made some good inroads at de-cluttering last summer but there’s more to do. The task at hand is to transition the cabin from a nuclear family’s second home to a group vacation home. It was okay for the place to accumulate extra stuff when my parents were alive and in control. They *lived* here in the summer. As we galumph along into the future, I think we’ll be better off with a more minimalist approach. Things that are *needed* should be here but not a bunch of extra stuff. (Of course, my fave jigger is not here, because *I* “borrowed” it for the winter and fergot to schlep it back up…)

I am greatly appreciative of the GG’s efforts to open the place and do some initial cleaning. He is able to take the time off work. I don’t have as much time as he does and believe me, the last thing I want to do with my paid time off is to spend my time up here deep cleaning (although some deep cleaning is needed and I will no doubt happily do some of it). But it was nice to get here today and not have to swing into action immediately.

P.S. The GG read this and thinks I don’t appreciate his work. The place is *not* a pig-sty by any means. It’s actually in pretty good shape and he is responsible for much of that. I am just looking for ways to reorganize things in order to make it *easier* to clean and maintain — without losing the character of the place…

2 Responses to “39 and counting…”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Cabin opening is a fun thing, roight?. Some of us may experience that too, soon. A new season, doth, approach …
    Now, about that beachfire-‘Hattin/’Tinne time thing …? Eh?

  2. Margaret Says:

    We’re having that weather thing too. It’s been 50ish here for a HIGH–snowing in the passes and a ski resort is even open on Memorial Day weekend. Hard to believe. A while back we tied for the highest temp in the nation and now we’re winning the cold war. Relieved about no tornadoes though. I’ll be thankful.