Oh bleeg, I have to do my blahg…

trail3I am wearing winter accessories a lot this weekend. I don’t have my ski jacket here, just a couple of polartech jackets. I don’t have my bomber hat but I do have my ski band. And I have some of those cheeeeep little Woldemort type knit glubs. And a couple of scarves. I have been wearing all that stuff. On the beach. It is frickin’ cold here.

I walked the beach a couple times today and we made a run into Sault Ste. Siberia for various things (including a short stop at our fave UP Tire but we won’t talk about that) and then we came back out here and scrabbled together a gulag-style lunch, i.e., there is such a thing as being a bit too minimalist about food and I am guilty of it this weekend. And then… The GG asked me if I wanted to hike to hike The JF Nature Trail and maybe do a bit of trail maintenance. After a split second? Well, yes. I did. So off we went.

A perfect day to trek up the hill and past all the double-wides, et al to get to the nature trail. This land used to belong to my family and the plan was that it would stay wild forever. Alas, that did not happen and I am not gonna go into that whole thing tonight. There is a nature trail now and it is named after my brother. We walked it today and it is actually very well maintained. The GG sawed a few small trees that had fallen across the path but other than that and some wet spots we had to make slight detours around, the trail is in good shape.

Due to the cold winds coming in off the lake, we did not encounter moo-skee-toes or flies today. Ticks? Yeek, I picked up a tick. This tick was a dog tick, not a deer tick. There’s a difference. I do not remember any ticks when I was a child. They kind of freak me out. It can be hours after a hike and all of a sudden there will be this *thing* running up my neck (or wherever) and it will be a frickin’ tick! Kee-reist!

Anyway, I am taaarrred and we are heading over to the Two-Hearted River area early tomorrow to hike so…

Love y’all and good night,

One Response to “Oh bleeg, I have to do my blahg…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m terrified of ticks. Alison got one(or two?) rock climbing and it was AWFUL. Yuck. I’m also wearing winter clothes today since it’s COLD and rainy here today. So much for my lawn mowing aspirations.