Seek an alternate route

cabinatsunsetOkay, I will. Thanks!

I love Twitter. I follow a random bunch of tweeters. Family members (most of whom rarely tweet). Online news sources. Design blahggers. Education blahggers. Severe weather alerts (all over the country, not just here). Willard Mitt Romney (I eventually unfollowed him). Commander Hadfield (who doesn’t follow him?). God. And lots of others, including @MDOT_A2. And apparently @MDOT_A2 also follows me. I’m sure that God couldn’t be bothered.

Following @MDOT-A2 was handy today. What is @MDOT-A2? It is the Michigan Department of Transportation handle for parts of southeast Michigan. I am not inundated by tweets from MDOT but I got a useful one this morning! Southbound Zilwaukee Bridge closed — seek alternate route. Roight. I knew that the bridge was closed. I wasn’t focused on the fact that we were traveling *on* Memorial Day when every yahoo in SE Michigan (including us, of course) is heading back down to megalopolis. I was focused on how much crap we had to stuff into our two vee-hickles (yes, two) for the trip down… And the neighborhood bear… And any number of other things…

Thank you MDOT. We took the Lansing route, the one without the bridge. We encountered a few little slow-downs. Mostly these occurred when the cops stopped somebody for whatever and everybody else slowed down to gawk. In the last such incident, two SUV drivers in the left lane adjacent to me had a little trouble stopping in time and, if one of them hadn’t scooted over onto the left shoulder, they would probably have hit each other and maybe me and my little Ninja… We need highway patrols. There are some *terrible* drivers out there and they need to be stopped and maybe these folks were in that category. But if the cops were stopping an otherwise responsible driver for going “five over”, I am not impressed…

And so we are home again and the photooo is from last night when the sun was setting over the moominbeach.

4 Responses to “Seek an alternate route”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wish Alison would have stayed in Bellingham this weekend; they are fighting their way back there on Memorial Day weekend with the bridge out. Ack! You don’t have Highway Patrols? We have the Washington Highway Patrol and they have the coolest uniforms ever!!

  2. Margaret Says:

  3. kayak woman Says:

    Haha. That wasn’t very clear! Yes, of course we have highway patrols. I was just pointing out that they are necessary but sometimes create problems by overzealous enforcement.

  4. Sam Says:

    Love that photo; glad DOT is delivering via social media in a helpful way. 😉