One morning in the Great White North

bearFirst of all, I hope that Jeep and Pan don’t mind that I post this photoooo. It’s their photo and I have not obtained permission. But isn’t it a great picture?

That said, what an interesting morning this was. I got up and walked the beach and everything was all right. Got home and the GG was cooking breakfast. I sat down and settled in to checking deleting spam email, looking Twitter and facebook, etc., etc. Our Northern Correspondent posted on facebook that a bear had ravaged her bird feeders. She had also heard evidence of someone possibly having too much fun. I peered around the room… The usual culprit of having too much fun was sitting over at the dining table slugging around on the internet. This was all quite the little moominbeach mystery for about five minutes. Then. Via email, I received this loverly photo of a satellite dish upgrade guy *bear*! Along with an explanation of the episode of having too much fun (an innocent action). I texted this information to Our Northern Correspondent.

I am not an expert on bears and I don’t live here year-round by any stretch of the imagination and I have *never* seen a bear here although I have seen plenty of bear scat (and did this afternoon, as I was walking down the road). This guy isn’t very big and I’m told that often in the spring, yearling bears are found going after birdseed or hummingbird juice or whatever. There’s probably not (?) a mama bear lurking nearby at this point. Based on the damage I saw to the pole that holds ONC’s feeder, this guy is pretty strong and if I encounter him, I will give him a wide berth. Also, I will make sure that I am not walking around with a bird feeder!

A day of chores ensued with a period of someone having too much fun in the late afternoon. I was warned (thank you) and I said, “I’ll go down to the beach (I was going there anyway) and I’ll text you when it’s okay to begin your fun. And I did and he waited until I texted and I walked and then I sat in the little hollow in front of The Old Cabin with a glass of whine and NpJane. At least I was there with NpJane in spirit, she’s down there on The Planet Ann Arbor.

All this digital communication (we have the 4G network pretty much everywhere on the beach this year) is blowing me away. I remember when we didn’t have *telephones* here. Except for my uncle Don, who as a doc, *needed* one so he could get to town to deliver babies or handle emergencies, etc. I was very young when Don and Katie built their cabin I can vaguely remember a telephone in the Old Cabin.

The evolution of communications on the moominbeach might be a post for another day. When I was a kid, the bear news would probably have hit all of the beach folks pretty fast too but it would have traveled on foot. Today it all happened via the internet. There are good and bad aspects to that but again, another day.

Good night,
Kayak Woman

One Response to “One morning in the Great White North”

  1. Margaret Says:

    So, another place I can never visit. 🙂 I’m pathologically afraid of bears! Yes, I do know that we have tons of them in WA; don’t remind me. I haven’t seen one (yet) in my housing development, although I know there are coyotes nearby. (heard them yipping and howling a few nights ago)