Red Queen in a Blue Skirt. With ticks.

clematisFirst of all, you know my alter-ego Black Thumb Banana, roight? Well, last year, Black Thumb bought a beauteous new arbor at the farmer’s market and two clematis plants to plant on either side of it. One of those plants had a beauteous flower like the one in the photoooo when she bought it. Alas. Last summer the temperatures hovered in the 90s and even 100s FOREVER and the god-forsaken Great Lake State was dry as a bone the whole time. Black Thumb trudged outside and struggled with hoses to water everything in sight every morning and evening. That original clematis flower faded and though the plant survived, no more flowers bloomed. Black Thumb figured it was just another failed experiment that would die over the winter, never to return.

This morning. Black Thumb returned from her 0-skunk-30 walk and walked through the Landfill back yard for her morning Focus For Five Minutes Fer Kee-reist weeding session. And stopped dead in her tracks upon seeing the gorgeous flower in the photooo! There were actually two of them. By the end of the day, something like five? More photooos tomorrow for those who are shopping for arbors.

And so, after a long day in the salt mines, KW swooshed home to The Landfill. She changed into her beauteous new blue summer skirt and got ready to red queen down to the Oscar Tango. As she was puttering around The Landfill, she felt the all-too familiar feeling of a [frickin’] tick trying to latch on to her side. Say what? Now, the last time KW encountered a tick was last Friday, roight? She has been back here on The Planet Ann Arbor all week. The Landfill and its surrounding grounds do not have ticks (it did have poison ivy but KW has eradicated that). KW’s climate controlled cube farm *certainly* does not contain ticks. Or any bugs that bother humans.

Where did this [frickin’] tick come from? Well. When KW packed for The Great White North more than a week ago, she packed this loverly new blue skirt. Unfortunately, last weekend, the weather in the Great White North was more conducive to wearing snowpants than a summer skirt. So it stayed packed in KW’s crappy old LL Bean duffle bag all weekend. Along with some other possibly ticky clothing. Even though the blue skirt hung in KW’s bedroom closet all week, she suspects that it was harboring a tick. Note to self: adopt and practice more effective tick-control routines when hiking in the Great White North woods.

P.S. These ticks are *dog* ticks, not *deer* ticks. They are icky but they do *not* cause Lyme Disease. And yes I *do* know how to deal with ticks, I’m just annoyed that I have to and therefore dragging my feet about it. I don’t remember ever seeing a damn tick around in the yooperland when I was a kid. Moe-skee-toes and biting flies? Yes. Not ticks.

Lots to do this weekend. Good night,
Kayak Woman

3 Responses to “Red Queen in a Blue Skirt. With ticks.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I still think ticks are creepy! I’m glad that you know how to deal with them; I would be a basket case. LOVE that flower!I want it. Isn’t it a vine type plant?

  2. Paulette Says:

    Ray and I had ticks on us this week after working outside. This has NEVER happened before. I read how they position themselves on the tips of blades of grass and other growth and stretch out their legs to catch hold of the unsuspecting! Creepy feeling when they crawl on your neck. And so now we are tick checking all after being outside. AUGH!

  3. Marquis Says:

    For once, MO is way more advanced than MI 🙁