Rabbit proof fence

I declare that the sun is over the yardarm. Boy oh boy did I earn some points today. Not to crow because pride *always* goes (comes? the Internet dithers…) before a fall but today was today and I was successful at getting a lot of things done. Up at 5:30 and walked down to the farmer’s market by 7-something. Spent the day alternating between gardening activities and sorting out the latest load of The Commander’s stuff (well, most of it…), punctuated by a walk to the Plum Market and a drive over to our fave Ace Barnes Hardware (and the seasonal flower store in the parking lot).

Below is the arbor we bought at the farmer’s market last spring (click photos to “embiggen”) — the one that those gorgeous clematis vines are growing on. I did not see the vendor who sells the arbors at the market today. I hope he is okay. I hope he hasn’t moved to Callyforny or somewhere. I may want to buy another of those arbors someday. I may want to buy one (or three) of his lawn chairs or a table or even a picture frame.


Here’s the opposite view of the arbor. Yes, that is a rabbit proof fence there. Well, that is, we hope it keeps Henry and all of his friends-and-relations out. At least the ones who eat strawberries and tomatoes and things.


This clematis vine is on the opposite side of the arbor from the vine with the beauteous purple flowers (there are something like five of those today and a bunch of buds!). This vine grew faster last year than the purple-flower one but it doesn’t seem to produce flowers. But I don’t care because it is beauteous too, in its own way. It’s just getting going this year. Oh and I draped those solar-powered lights over the arbor. They aren’t the best and brightest but they do work. I love colored lights! And faaarrrr (as long as it’s under control) and I can’t wait to burn a bunch of the sticks the GG has been collecting.


I’ve done about 10 times as much gardening this year than I usually do. I keep joking that I am channeling The Commander. I’m really not channeling her or anybody but something is different this year. I never really “learned” how to garden or even do basic yard work and I have never really enjoyed it much. That may not seem logical since I *love* to be outside but there you go. This year I am raking and weeding and potting stuff right and left. And Mouse has got a relatively extensive gardening prodject going too. Community garden.

So, I’m not “channeling” The Comm but I also don’t feel like she’s “by my side guiding me” or whatever. Fer kee-reist, I’m not that goofy. I’m a blasted systems analyst! Whether or not it has anything to do with The Comm, I’m feeling freedom! A “can-do”, savoir faire kind of a thing. The raking and weeding and cleaning up feels good and productive and makes me happy. The potting and planting feels good but downright scary but I am doing it ANYWAY! And feeling happy about it! Will all of this positive energy last? I do not know. But I am gonna enjoy it while it does!

The last pic is of an arbor that the GG built a long time ago (we’re looking in to the yard from the neighbors’ here). One of the prodjects I completed today was to get down on my hands and knees to weed and hand-rake the entire area surrounding this arbor, ducking under the bushes when I needed to. I love that my yard is a little messy but not anywhere near overgrown. Onward and upward and good night.


P.S. Watch “Rabbit Proof Fence”. Good movie. And I totally stole those rocks from Houghton Lake.

2 Responses to “Rabbit proof fence”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am feeling the same way as you are, spreading my wings( a little) in the garden. I don’t think I’m channeling Patt, but his love of plants may have rubbed off on me. I used to hate anything related to gardening! I want one of those clematis–wish I had someplace to let it twine.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Anne’s Amazing Arbors! Keep it up, and they’ll name a town after you. Oh, wait…;-)

    Love the transplanted rocks too. One of the rocks from the cabin went to La-La Land to star in a Daniel Axe production, with a cast of a thousand squirrels.