Great balls o’ faaaaar!

With a fireball here and a fireball there… Oh, that’s right, it’s Julia’s birthday! So that’s what all the fireworks are about.

Seriously, it was a relatively boring day at work. I mean I was in the flow of what I was doing and so was everybody else, so we were all sort of humming along and then I clicked over for a quick little Twitter update and the latest twit tweet was from Lizard Breath: “fireball” on i-880 south, cars everywhere by work!!! So then, Dogmomster posted a news story and found (of course) that there was a oil tanker accident. There seem to be a lot of explosive oil tanker accidents out there in Cali. I remember one a couple years ago when my beach urchin was still living in Berkeley that actually melted a section of elevated freeway. Bridge or whatever you call it. No one was killed in today’s faaarball last I knew so that is a good thing. But then, the news page that Dogmomster’s link went to linked to a *horrible* story about a five-house fire somewhere in the Day-Twa area (I forget where, downriver, I think) and that was much worse because I think some people, including children, did die, so that was definitely *not* fun to read… But then. Later in the afternoon, I heard a couple of my fellow cube-workers talking about smoke over at the Planet Ann Arbor Airport. And there was. It was pretty wimpy looking smoke, not really like anything had crashed. And I don’t think anything did because the airport seemed to be operating about like usual when I left work. But we took the opportunity to spend some time conjecturing. Anyway, I spent the afternoon falling out of my chair because of one faaaarball or another.

Julia. Who’s Julia? I wish I could remember all of my relatives’ birthdays. I can’t. Er, actually I can to a point. It’s just that on any given day when I’m chillin’ and doin’ my blahg, I’m prob’ly focused on some other silly little random thing. Sorry. But Julia is our niece and I remember Julia’s birthday because she was born 10 years and one day before my own firstborn baby and I remember when she used to come over here and stay sometimes during school vacations and help take care of my own firstborn baby.

Julia has grown from the beautiful, mischievous-looking young girl in the picture into an elegantly beautiful young woman who has been living out in the beautiful state of Colorado for quite some time now. And if you happen to be good at story problems, you might even be able to figger out her age. Sigh. Please, somebody put duct tape over the fast-forward button. Happy birthday, Julia!


2 Responses to “Great balls o’ faaaaar!”

  1. grandmothertrucker Says:

    happy birthday to Punkin Monkey!!! Goodnight mooooon!

  2. Julia W Says:

    Thank you Ant Ann,

    I love you and I also have fond memories staying with you and Little Lizard. I remember witnessing the practical use of potato catchers… when we folded the legs of Lizzy’s overalls, then that morning at breakfast she got as much food into the cuff’s than she ate.

    I also remember making the red clay box with two blinking red lights… that was so cool ha.

    We’ve had lotza good times.

    Thinking of you and Houghton Lake.

    Sending my love to our family.

    Goodnight Moon.

    Love always,

    Punkin Monkey

    (AKA Julia)