Back in Fish Fly City

fishfliesI’ll never forget the time I was up here at the moldy old Courtois Cabin (before it got bulldozed) and there were fish flies (or May flies or Canadian Soldiers or whatever they call ’em in your neck of the woods) all over the Little Princess Trailer and everything else under the sun. And MMCB sent out an email from Viet Nam: “I’m in Ho Chi Minh City!” You know I replied with, “You may be in Ho Chi Minh City but *I* am in Fish Fly City!” I think that was the summer that Mouse went to camp for a couple weeks and we had Lizard and her friend Caroline up here and Grandpa Garth was having a seawall put in. I may be conflating more than one occasion but I don’t care. It was good times.

Anyway, the original plan was for me to work all day and we would drive up with all the other yay-hoos. I got to work and the parking lot was practically empty and my supervisor is out for the entire week and the LSCHP straggled in and suddenly I made a snap decision to bag it. I sent out an email, “leaving around noon today, may put in a few hours this weekend or else take some vacay hours.” And I did skip out around noon and we took a leisurely drive up, detouring off on the “old road” (M13) where we almost bought a[nother] kayak but didn’t because someone didn’t want to make an impulse purchase. (That someone was not yer fav-o-rite blahgger.)

So we’re here and the GG is cutting the lawn whether it needs it or not and some of the other usual suspects are expected to arrive sooner or later including The Beautiful Chelsea, who I have been instructed to spoil (and I will if I get the opportunity). So it’ll be good times here this weekend. Me? I am hanging out down here by the dock shooing fish flies away from my whine. At least there are no blasted ticks! [fingers crossed] Actually, my arm is itching and I was thinking TICK! but it turns out it’s just the last remains of the wee bit of poison ivy I picked up during my eradication efforts a few weeks ago. I’ll live.

The GG just turned the lawnmower off and I heard the voice of none other than the Lord of Linden coming from inside the cabin. Let the good times roll.


P. S. The no-impulse purchase person is now feeling regretful.

One Response to “Back in Fish Fly City”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a lovely night!! I’m not sure I’m familiar with that fly. Hmmm. Must look it up on the internet.