Yeah, okay, I used up all of my brain power for about the next ten years on that life, the universe, and everything post I wrote yesterday. Er, you could argue about that, since it was kind of a scatter-brained post. Anyway, bump, crash. It’s Monday. It’s raining cats and dogs and the temperature has dropped ten degrees since I walked at 6:30 or so this morning.

I didn’t have coffee with Marci at Barry’s this morning. We’ve had to switch that to Wednesdays. That’s because I have a class bright and early at 9 AM every Monday. I am the project manager in a group of five people who are charged with redesigning the website for an area non-profit organization. If we do a decent job, I’ll post a link to it at the end of the semester. I do not know why my hand seems to shoot up in the air whenever somebody says the words, “project manager.” Masochistic maybe? Or just insane. It’ll be fun. I’ve worked with two of my group members before and I’ve had classes with the other two.

A large part of project management is managing documents and making schedules and taking notes, etc., and that’s what I’ve been doing today, aside from going to class. And I have another class tonight, web database, with a quiz at the beginning. I get to play around at the command line in that class. That makes me rather dangereuse. It’s a bit mindful of the good old DOS/dBase III days back at the EPA. Kind of makes me want to take some serious computer science classes. Or not. I dunno. Maybe C[how many plusses?] at the least. And I have been editing a clicktrack for tomorrow morning’s class.

And I had to drive The Indefatigable over here because (grr) there is a headlight out on the green honda. That meant that I had to check the fuel log to make sure that there was enough gas in the damn thing to make it over here and back since the gas gauge doesn’t work. It’s raining and I sure hope that stupid pipe doesn’t come loose and gush cold water all over my bare feet.

Finally, because my cousin is going to Africa, I found a fun little African country quiz. It’s a little like that old Geo-Safari game. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the country names, after all, this is the Internet.

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  1. mouse Says:

    moom, everyone who is intelligent enough to fill up the jeep knows that you reset the travel odometer, and you try to refill before it reaches 300 miles. goooosh! (doubling as “gosh”, and “goosh” for when the freezing water inevitably gushes out onto your feet whenever you try to turn right.)