Do not even try to pick me up, you baggy old human bean!

turtleWalking along Long Point Drive early Sunday morning, I saw a white squirrel (white or albino? I wasn’t close enough to tell but I think white), a garter snake, enough moe-skee-toes to annoy me aaaannnd… This big guy! Isn’t he cute? Fortunately I was walking in the *road*, not the grass beside the road. If I had been in the grass, I may have tripped over him. Is he a snapper? Some folks say yes. I do not know turtle species. He was going oh so slowly but still, I didn’t really want to get too close. If nothing else, he was clearly bothered that I stopped to inspect him at all, pulling his head back toward his shell but leaving enough of it outside to eyeball me with disgust. I got this crappy photo and left him alone.

I am loving this summer. At least I am loving the weather. A little cranky on some other fronts (oh, nothing for anyone to worry about, just first-world crap, job and vee-hickles and personal technology is all fine, knock on wood). Rain? We aren’t getting it every day but we are getting enough to make things loverly and lushly green. It was raining cats and dogs when I took my 0-skunk-30 walk this morning. Did I get wet? Only about the edges. But it was also warm and I was wearing bare feet in my Chacos and so what? I came home and washed the mud off my feet and I was good to go. Walking at lunch was a different story. I had an umbrella but my loverly suede Jambus got wet and I spent the next couple hours in my L’eggs knee-highs, letting my feet and shoes dry out. Driving home? A couple times I thought my loverly little Ninja was gonna float off the road! Where are my pontoons? Still. I don’t think I’ll have to water my flowers for a few days…

I hit the jackpot! I had a $1000 check to deposit this morning (don’t ask, it’s boring and it’s gonna get spent relatively directly) so I went to the ATM on my way to work. Nowadays the ATM is ultra-smart (or not) and *reads* the check (or checks) so you don’t have to type in the amount and mess around with putting it in an envelope. So, I fed the check into the slot and after a few minutes, the ATM told me that I was depositing $81,000!!! What? I am such a boring person that I didn’t even think for a split-second of trying to get away with okaying that! I have about a billion accounts at PNC. I am facebook friends with the manager of the former (alas) branch in Sault Ste. Siberia (and she was The Comm’s next door neighbor) and several of the gals at “my” branch down here know me by name. There was a $ in front of the amount and the musheen apparently read that as an “8”. Being meeeeee, I corrected the amount and went on my way. If I hadn’t looked (like maybe some people don’t), I’m sure my primary checking account would’ve been frozen until it got sorted out… $81,000???

Hillary Clinton is on Twitter now and I’m following her (I doubt she’ll follow me). I don’t follow Bill or Chelsea. I like Hillary a *lot* better than I did back in the 1990s although I’m not sure I think she is the best choice for the democratic 2016 presidential candidate (but I don’t know who is). And that’s as far as I’m going with that train of thought except to re-state that I am a complicated political aminal and am open to any candidate from any party for any position that convinces me that they will advocate for the good of our country as I interpret that. Whatever, I’m following Hillary on Twitter.

I came home and pulled the microwave (the *vintage* 1984 microwave) out so I could clean rodent turds off the counter behind it. Hantavirus has never been found in The Great Lake State — knock on wood. And that was the end of my Monday. Heating up leftovers from Saturday night’s chicken dinner at Houghton Lake.

And the GG is off looking at water heaters. It’s time. And it’s not the first time.

2 Responses to “Do not even try to pick me up, you baggy old human bean!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My parents (staunch liberals) and my husband(a Libertarian) all love Hillary–me not as much. It’s supposed to rain here mid-week and I’m ready for a break from watering. 🙂

  2. Jay Says:

    I thought we were the only ones with a 1984 Microwave.