Does it count as an impulse purchase if you wait 48 hours?

newyakYes, we went back to Frank’s Great Outdoors today and picked up the “yak” we were lusting after Friday afternoon. Just like that. New paddle too. I mean, we need one paddle per kayak and the paddle that broke during the 2010 Labor Day storm up at the moominbeach is not viable.

Yes, this kayak is a bit different than our beauteous, wondrous old Walden Vistas (that I don’t *think* they make any more). You might notice that it doesn’t have an enclosed “cockpit”. I became intrigued with the open cockpit form factor because I can’t easily launch (or land) a kayak at Houghton Lake. It’s a long story but the main issue is that there is no *beach*. We’re hoping this one will be a little easier to get in and out of. No wet exits please. Also, we’re hoping it might entice other folks to try kayaking, like some family members who have a lifetime of boating experience but haven’t seriously tried kayaking. Maybe this form factor will be a little “friendlier”? We’ll see. Love the fam (all branches everywhere) no matter what. Thanks to the C-Fam for putting up with my semi OCD cupboard-cleaning crap this weekend!

While I’ve been day-dreaming, the GG has been doing some actual *research*. This yak is marketed in part as a fishing kayak and it’s designed for flat water, like our Waldens, although I’m guessing it can handle a wee bit of bounciness, like our Waldens. Yes, there is a seat in this beastie but it is removable and we stowed it inside the Frog Hopper for the drive down to The Planet Ann Arbor. There are all kinds of accessories to be had, including some waterproof containers that fit into the spaces fore and aft and various other little bags and fishing accessories that you can attach to a groove along the side. We will evaluate and purchase accessories as we decide we need them (or not).

I don’t know if this yak will “live” at Houghton Lake or not. I suspect it will bounce around at first. But part of the reason for buying this is that it gets tiresome to be constantly hauling kayaks up and down the I75 SUV Speedway (it certainly was today, yeesh) and stashing one (or two) yaks in various places means (hopefully) a lot less schlepping. Hmmm, that sounds a bit like hoarding doesn’t it…

I’m not all that crazy about the color. The GG likes it but I like bright-colored kayaks the best (yellow is my fave) because you can *see* them when somebody is out in “big water”, like the shipping channel in the St. Mary’s. But as our sales gal and The Beautiful Chelsea (our extra smart niece) both pointed out, you can make yourself visible via bright-colored life jackets and paddles, etc. I’ve been thinking for a while now that we need new life jackets…

2 Responses to “Does it count as an impulse purchase if you wait 48 hours?”

  1. Marquis Says:

    After today’s ride we drove over to REI and bought replacement bike parts, new brake shoes for Anne, tubes for me and four brand new tires for the both of us. Carrying all of this loot, as we mounted our front steps, I got to tell Anne that I was four times more tired than she.

  2. Margaret Says:

    It is a lovely kayak! Patt and I talked about getting one (or a canoe) but then he got sick and it never happened.